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The Most Dangerous game

"sales brochure" for the most dangerous game

Cody Nemec

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous game

Ship Trap Sales Co.
Ship Trap Island Adventure
Your Own Adventure
The game is a 3 day adventure to Ship Trap Island, the home of General Zaroff, a big game hunter. You arrive by boat and spend 4 nights on the island, when you arrive to the island you will come to a luxurious chateau, you will spend the evening dining in the best of company, after that the hunt begins, you will get a few hours, after that Zaroff begins his hunt, and his pray is YOU. Survive for three nights and you win, but losing the game will cost you your life.
The Game
The rules are simple if you survive, you win, if you get caught you die. You will be supplied with some materials though, Zaroff will supply you with a crude knife, clothes, and food for all 3 days.
BUT, for a price Ship Trap Sales Co. can provide you better knives, clothes, and food.
The Rules
Along with your trip, you will be taught 3 traps, The Malay man catcher, the Burmese tiger pit and the Uganda knife trick. Each of which has its own little surprises.
The Traps
By CJ Nemec
Do you crave danger? Do you like the feeling of fear? Or maybe your a hunter? Anyways if you like games, the most dangerous game is for you!
The Island
End Game
Trip Details
The game ends when you survive all three nights, after that Zaroff will escort you to the mainland, that's it. Simple and sweet.
This trip can be yours, all of it for the low cost of $10,000 US. The trip is all inclusive, including the plane ticket back, whether its in a casket or not. This once in a lifetime opportunity that cant be offered anywhere else. So act fast, and get your spot reserved now, and remember this is The Most Dangerous Game.
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