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UWF Womens Rugby Club

No description

Alexandria Fox

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of UWF Womens Rugby Club

What is the UWF Women's Rugby Club
Why Do We Need A Women's Rugby Club When We Have A Men's Rugby Club ?
Facebook Page and Nationally Governing Body
Fundraising & Sponsorship
Our club provides opportunities to students to actively engage in programs and happenings on campus, such as Halloween Hike and Explore UWF.
We also provide opportunities for personal development through leadership, diversity, teamwork, fitness and friendship.
Most importantly we promote the sport of rugby as well as the University when traveling or competing outside of our campus
Community & Campus Involvement

http://www.usarugby.org/#cc=[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Brand Resource Center\\Content\\Home\\21D9415F-129C-3D1E-45B7-71078B463B81\\23181D59-12E3-9CDC-BC8D-E671A8A283E1{{Tab:View}}

UWF Women's Rugby Club encourages athletes of all levels and sports to come out and see what this club is all about. Joining the UWF Women's Rugby Club is a great chance to learn a new sport, play competitively, have a lot of fun, travel, and meet some great people at the same time. Rugby can be played by people of all body types and athletic abilities, and therefore we are looking for all different kinds of people to join the team. Joining the team is easy, come join us for practice and we can tell you more about the sport and club. Sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship are the core values of UWF Women's Rugby Club.
Under USA Rugby Eligibility : Advised by Tam Breckenridge Associate Collegiate Director of the USA Rugby .2.4. Player Eligibility
With the exception of non-contact rugby, no women/girls shall play on a men/boys team and no men/boys shall play on a women/girls team.
Questions ?
Local TCBY Fundraisers
Men's Matches Concession Stand Fundraisers
Panera, Red Robin, Applebees, Chilis, and Chick-fil-A. We recently found out that all of these businesses host a fundraiser night that we can sign up for.
We are currently creating a sponsorship packet for local businesses.
Upcoming & Future Events
Auburn University
February 15 & April 19
Spring Hill College
University of Alabama
Nola Women's Club
Pich a Tent
All Florida Rugby Day
Summer 7's
Weekend tournament and is one of the largest in the area and can host up to 40 teams annually. We had three girls participate in the tournament this year
Just from this one weekend we were able to network our club greatly. We spoke with other women’s leagues and noticed there is a high demand of finding competitions and matches in the women’s field.

From the Battleship tournament there is high demand of finding competitions and matches in the women’s field.
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