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The Chebyshev Linkage

Geometry Project

Pedro Rivera

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Chebyshev Linkage

The Chebyshev Linkage
Pafnuty Chebyshev
Born on May 16, 1812
Into a small town south-west of Moscow
Nine siblings
Home schooled
Learned French early on - better communication with scholars abroad
Had a limp leg as a small boy
Focus more on his education
Moved to Moscow in 1832, formal tutoring of Mathematics
Later became a professor there as well
"Father of Russian Mathematics"
Over 9000 "Mathematical Descendants"
Lots of work in Probability, Statistics, Mechanics, and Number Theory
Chebyshev Cube Root
Chebyshev Distance
Chebyshev Filter
Chebyshev Equation
Chebyshev Bias
Cody, Emily, Julius, Pedro
Real Life Examples
The Newcomen Engine
The Newcomen Engine shown in the picture uses a chain. This can only pull in one direction. When engines were developed to push and pull, this approach no longer worked.
Ideal baseball pitching leading with your hips involves the linkage
If you were to lengthen your stride and pitch the ball in a perfectly straight line, it would reflect the Chebyshev linkage
This title is taken from the book by A. B. Kempe of the same name, and describes plane linkages which were designed to constrain mechanical linkages to move in a straight line
The Chebyshev Linkage
The Chebyshev linkage is a Mechanical linkage that changes rotational motion to approximate Straight line motion. The approximate straight line motion is a mechanism (such as the Chebyshev linkage mechanism ) that produces a straight-line
The Hoekens Linkage
The Hoekens linkage is a four bar machine that also converts rotational motion to approximate straight line motion. Because they both can convert rotational movement to straight line movement, they are both really helpful in today's society
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