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No description

Omar Hernández

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Cinepolis

In Our Words...
Investigación de Mercados
What is Cinepolis?
Products and Services
In addition to a quality range of services Cinepolis, it has a high level of products that work to better stay within your visit.
Cinepolis is present in:
-88 Cities of the Mexican Republic.
-13 Cities in Asia.
-8 Cities in Cetral America.
-3 State in the United States.
-24 Cities in South America,
Total: 11 Countries.
Hierarchical Tree
Routine Of The Employers
1-.They always work five hours a day.
2-.they usually clean the theater after each movie.
3-.They sometimes take a little break to go to the bathroom.
4-.The rarely drink water when working.
5-.they are never late to work.

Polytechnic University Of Hidalgo
Bachelor Of International Trade and Customs
Omar Hernández Carrasco 133110040
Daniela Paredes Jimenez 133110786
Karina Avila Nava 133110523
English II
Ericka Pamela Dominguez Mejia
Cinepolis is the largest company in Latin america film exhibition and the fourth worldwide.
Fast Food
Expresso - Cinecoffe
Business Card
Patricia Hernández Lopez
En el municipio de Tizayuca existe una gran ausencia de centros de entretenimiento como lo son los cinemas.
A los empresario de Cinepolis entregar un reporte con la informacion necesaria para analicen la factibilidad de iniciar un nuevo cinema en Tizayuca.
Promover la cultura mediante las diferentes formas de entretenimiento, y además pensando en crear un desarrollo de urbanización en la localidad de Tizayuca.
Analizaremos los resultados que nos arrogen las encuestas para hacer viable la propuesta de un cine en Tizayuca.
It is a Mexican company dedicated to providing a service to meet the needs of people who like entertaiment via the big screen.
Exports and Imports
Cinepolis does not export and import because it is a Mexican company and most of its theaters are located within the same country.
Likewise stresses that ensures the supply of equipment and supplies for all sets of Cinepolis in Mexico and different sets internationally, optimizing resources through proper planning.

Fue fundada en 1947 por Enrique Ramirez Miguel, con la apertura del cine Morelos en Morelia Mechoacán .
Es en septiembre de 1971 cuando se funda Organización Ramirez, iniciando operaciones con la apertura del cine la raza, en la ciudad de México.
Matriz de Boston
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