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No description

kayla kenzie

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Panda

Were do pandas live Pandas live in the high
dense bamboo forests in
the misty,rain mountains of
southwestern china thats
were the PANDAS LIVE. Panda Bear WHAT DO PADAS EAT! Panda bears sometimes eat Pandas sometimes eat
other vegtation.But
they mostly eat bamboo
it accounts for 99% of
their diet.Pandas
can eat up to 40 pounds
of bamboo a day for 12 hours.
you know what pandas
EAT!!! pandas in the wild
will eat...
Other grasses
wild tubers
birds meat
rodents PANDAS AT PLAY snack time yum!! were pandas
live in the map FUN FACTS Panda bears life span pandas live for 30 years
in captivity but in the wild
for 15 to20 years. Birth Panda Bears are born small about 100g when there born there blind,white no black.there depending on there mother child hood panda bears will start to get some gray which will turn into black in a month.In one year they are about 45 kg to 100 lbs.Cubs don't leave there mother until
two year old Maturity Panda bears are able to breed at six years
old pandas can have a baby panda every
year. Thats a pandas life. pandas life cycle l
V 1 one month old new born 2 cub full grown pandas size . Pandas are about 75 centimeters ,6 feet long full grown and
250 pounds but females are much smaller then males females
are about 220 at the most and three feet tall. =) MALE PANDA FEMALE PANDA Panda description =p Black and white
Shaped as a bear
Male pandas are bigger then female pandas
Can be the same size as a American black bears
Short tail about 5 inches
Round ears
Their fur is thick Giant Giant Giant 3 4 life cycle Pandas in china are called big bear cats.
The first panda that came to the United states
was in 1936,to the zoo in Chicago a cub panda.
Pandas teeth are 4 times bigger then peoples teeth. Panda bears are extremely social animals but females can't tolerate other females well .
Giant pandas are active when there not eating.
pandas are really com animals. Behavior of the panda Who eats giant pandas I
V Pandas are going extinct because Hunters are KILLING POOR
INNOCENT PANDAS!!!!!!! Pandas are endangered THANKS 4 watching hope you enjoyed
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