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The Uglies

No description

Jasmin Purple

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Uglies

The Uglies
Our Favourite Characters
Round Characters
A round character is a fully developed character. Shay Tally and David are all round characters. You can easily imagine them and they have an idea of who they would be. They have very distinct personalities.
In this futuristic novel, people are either Pretties or Uglies and are separated by towns. In order to become Pretty, Tally, the protagonist, has to go through a surgical operation on her sixteenth birthday that will allow her to join her best friend who already turned into a Pretty. Weeks before her operation, Tally meets a girl called Shay. Shay believes that their society is corrupted, so before her own operation, Shay asks Tally to run away with her to a place where it’s believed that you don’t change your appearance, called the Smokes. Tally denies her request, so Shay leaves without her but leaves a coded note with the directions to the Smokes.
Tally is the protagonist. Protagonists are the main character or the central character. Tally pushes the actions forward which is another characteristic of a protagonist.
After her growing relationship with David, he trusts her with a secret. David brings her to his parents who used to be surgeons in the city and they explained to Tally that the operations do not only change your looks but also your way of thinking. They add lesions in a Pretties mind which makes them shallow and gives them other negative traits. Tally gets angry and throws away her necklace which accidently contacted the Specials. This led to the Specials arriving to the Smokes and capturing Smokies. Shay, Davids parents, and other Smokies get taken away to be forced into turning into Pretties.
When Tally wants to be a pretty in the first part of the book the antagonist would be the Smoke and everyone in the Smoke including Shay.
Then when she realizes being pretty isn't everything, society and New Pretty Town would be the antagonist.
Antagonists are the opposing character to the protagonist.
Static Characters
A static character stays the same through the whole story. David is a static character because no matter what he believes that the Pretties are bad and he hates the idea of being pretty. He knows that there is more than just being pretty.
Dynamic Characters
A dynamic character is a character that changes through the book. Tally changes her opinion about being pretty. At first she cant wait till her 16th birthday then when she meets David and his parents she realizes how they are actual brain-washed and have no free will. Which makes her not want to be one.
Rising Action
Tally’s operation date finally comes. Before the operation, Tally is called by an organization called Special Circumstances who blackmail her into helping them take the Smokes down. The Specials warn her that if she doesn’t help them, she’ll never turn into a Pretty, so she agrees to become a spy. They give her a necklace that will help her contact them when she arrives at the Smokes. After a long journey of following Shays directions, Tally finally arrives at the Smokes. The Smokes are filled with Uglies who refuse to turn Pretty, this includes the leader David who shows her how to live there since everything is different from the cities.
Flat Characters
A flat character is a character that is not fully developed. Peris, Croy Elle and Sol are flat characters. We cant imagine what kind of person they would be and we can barely imagine what they would look like.
Foil Character
Special circumstances would be the foil character. A foil character is the secondary opposing character. Special circumstances are the ones who push the law of banning the Smoke. They also make sure that everyone become pretty.
Three of us liked David and chose him as our favourite. The other three chose Shay as their favourites. The ones that chose David chose him because he is brave and kind. He will always stand up for what her believes in no matter what. The others that chose Shay chose her because she is very kind and free spirited. She also backs up what she believes in, even when Tally didn't want to go to the Smoke with her she went.
Literary Techniques
Imagery- A visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work.It is something that creates a distinctive picture in the reader's head while they're reading it.
From our book, here is an example of imagery:"Suddenly, the stony cliffs beneath her cracked and fissured. A huge rift opened up, the ocean rushing in with a roar that drowned the seabirds' cries. She found herself tumbling through the air, falling down toward the black water."(Pg.156)
Falling Action
Tally manages to escape and so does David. They plan to a rescue mission for Shay, Davids parents, and a few other Smokies that were taken to where Tally used to live. When they arrive to Uglyville they meet a few Uglies that want to help them and become Smokies. Tally and David manage to rescue David’s mom, the others and Shay, although, she gets turned into a Pretty.
After the successful rescue mission, David and Tally try to reform the Smokes with all the new people. David’s mom, Maddy creates a cure for the lesions, but she’s not sure if it works. Maddy asks Shay if she wants to take it, but Shay doesn’t want because of the risks. Tally feels extremely guilty about destroying the Smokes, so she decides to become a Pretty so that Maddy can try the cure on her. The book ends with Tally going to Prettytown and demanding to become a Pretty.
Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

One of the symbols of our book is beauty.Here is a quote that is realted to beauty: "In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly." (Book Cover)
By: Karenveer, Katelyn, Atasi, Upama, Gurleen, Jasmin 9B
This is an example of symbolism because beauty is something that the protagonist, Tally thinks is happiness. She thinks that being a pretty solves all the problems in the world. But beauty is also something that most of the other characters despise. Unlike Tally they think that beauty is not necessary in order to be happy.
I believe that Ashley Benson would best represent Shay because they share the same unique characteristics. In the book, Shay is shown to be a natural pretty and care-free.
Ashley has always been a generous and very easily trusting person. That was one of Shay's problems, which got her in the mess with Tally.

I think that the best actress that would portray Tally in the best way would be Nina Dobrev. Physically their alike , and their personalities sort of match. In the book , Tally has dark hair naturally , and so does Nina.
Personality wise, they both are very outgoing, a little superficial and get confused at times.
Alex Pettyfer would best display David.
David is shown to be every attractive, trusting, and a family guy. Alex , has some of those qualities. He is very attractive , and doesn't trust everyone but some people.
He is also a very big family person. He believes that family should be a persons main priority.
Dr. Cable
I believe that Annabeth Gish would be a great actress to show how Dr. Cable acted.
They both are very intimidating and have dark hair. They're both pretty old and have a dry sense of humor.
This is imagery because when I was reading it, I could actually imagine Tally falling off the stones that are breaking underneath her. It gave me goose bumps and made me have chills up my spine.
Imagery helps the reader to visualize
and therein more realistically experience the author’s writings resulting in them understanding the book better.

Symbolism adds additional layers of meaning to the text. It also represents several aspects/concepts that are concealed often at first sight.
Theme is an idea or concept that is central to a story. There are multiple themes in The Uglies. However, the main one is 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'
Here is a quote that is related to the main theme of the book. 'She swallowed."You really think I'm beautiful.""Yes. What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful." '(Pg.279)
This quote is an example of don't judge a book by its cover
because Tally is an ugly and in her world, if you're ugly, people think that you're stupid. However, later in the book,she finds out that being a pretty actually changes the way you think.So, just because someone's a pretty doesn't necessarily mean that she's better that everyone around her, even though her society thinks so.
Theme is important because it acts as the base topic for the entire piece. It is what the book is centered around. It is that one concept that the author is trying to convey to his/her reader.
why you should read this book because...
1.)"The Uglies" has many genres, this book is great for readers that enjoy drama, romance, action and sci-fi.

2.) This book has awesome characters, that are very well described by the author.The characters are very appealing to read.
3.) Also, this book is very good to read because, it has a lot of important lessons about life and what true beauty really is.
4.) Last, The book Uglies shows us that you can love someone for more than just their beauty. It's also well written and will inspire kids and even grown ups to pick up the book and read it until the end!
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