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MS Cyber-Sexual Harassment Prevention

Middle School Adaptation


on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of MS Cyber-Sexual Harassment Prevention

Why & How to Help...
friend us on facebook!
when the internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post images/text that hurts or embarrasses another person.
If you were invisible for 24 hours...
Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Public Service Announcement (PSA)
What YOU can do...
What will YOU do?
Sexual Harassment
Unwanted verbal or physical behavior that is sexual in nature.

Discriminating against or attacking someone based on gender, body, or relationships.
Your Online Community is GROWING!
We <3 technology...
today's Questions:
Who is SARSSM?
What is cyber-sexual harassment?
Why can cyber-bullying hurt more than in-person bullying?
How do I support victims of cyber-harssment?
How do I stay safe online?
Take a Pledge
Cyber-Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment that uses technology to hurt or embarrass another person.
Digital Civility:
being a digitial Citizen
, and
while communicating with others online.

actively concerned
when someone else is hurt or behaving in an aggressive or rude manner online.
Cyber-Sexual Harassment
...how can you help?
it's simple
and easy...
"With great power, comes great responsibility..."
Cyber-Sexual Harassment Prevention
Using Technology to Promote Action & Prevent Violence
What is Harassment?
Ask yourself:
How will this affect my reputation?
How will this make the people involved feel?
What's my gut feeling about this?
The good news is that most students know how to be kind online and choose not to bully.
My photo isn't private!!!!?
Think and Write: Please answer the following questions on your worksheet!

Think about The PSA you just saw and answer the following...
1. How did you feel when you saw or heard the harassment? How do you think the person being harassed felt? (Hint: How was Megan acting?)

2. Who else is affected by cyber harassment besides the victim of harassment?

3. Why might a person be tempted to not help the victim of harassment?

4. If no one chooses to help that person, what might happen?

gross sexual assault
sexual contact
sexual violence
title IX
Unwanted sexual behavior at school that interferes with a student’s right to receive an equal education
sexual harassment
sexual harassment
gender discrimination
asking for sexual photos
texting about sex
sending nude photos
asking for sexual favors via text/email
texting hate language such as:
"gay", "slut", "fag", "lesbo" etc...
Forwarding or sharing a friend's pic or message without their permission
Would I say this to someone's face?
Anything you share, post, send, or snap becomes public information.

1. Verbal
2. Physical
3. Cyber/Written
1. Verbal
2. Physical
3. Cyber/Written
Sexual in nature
1. Body
2. Relationships or Sexual Orientation
3. Gender
1. Verbal
2. Physical
3. Cyber/Written
Sexual in Nature
1. Body
2. Relationships
3. Gender
When the internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post images/text that hurt or embarrasses another person. It can be intentional or accidental.
asking for sexual photos
unwanted texting about sex
sending unwanted nude or sexually explicit photos
asking for sexual activity via text/email
using gender slurs such as:
"gay," "slut," etc...
forwarding or sharing a friend's picture or message without their permission
spreading or participating in rumors about someone's romantic relationship via text/snapchat/social media, etc.
Turn to your neighbor:
1) what is one good thing or thing that you like about the internet

2) what is one bad thing or thing you dislike about the internet?
29.1% of Maine middle schoolers report being a victim of cyber-harassment.
1. Be careful. Anything you send or post could be seen by anyone and everyone.
Check in with the target. Ask them how they are doing; tell them you're sorry this is happening.
Tell the victim what's going on. They may not know what's being spread about them.
Say, "It's not your fault this is happening."
Assist the person in getting help. Give them options about what they could do and support their decision.
Print or save the cyber-sexual harassment, take it to a trusted adult
Choose not to forward the picture or message, decide that you won't participate in rumor spreading or negative commenting
Add a comment or text in support of the target.
Report it to the social media site.
Get your friends on board to help.
Send a kind message/text to the target.
Speak up. Message or tell the harassers in person to stop the behavior. Let them know that it's not okay to treat someone like that.
Is this realistic?

Was this harassment? What about sexual harassment?

Think While You Watch...
How are you feeling?
How do you know?
How are they feeling?
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