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The Scorpio Races

By Maggie Stiefvater

Angie De Guzman

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Scorpio Races

finds out that
her ol
der brother
Gabe is
planning on leaving
her and
her younger
brother F
inn and moving to
the mainla
nd. Sean starts
working with
Corr to get
ready for the u
Scorpio races.
By Maggie Stiefvater
The Scorpio Races
Sean Kendrick
Sean Kendrick is known to have dark hair, sharp features and a lean muscular muscle.
He has sharped-edge cheekbones and his eyes tend to look far away from the world, always looking towards the sea.
Sean's weaknesses are both Puck and Corr, he can't lose both of them.
Although he has a wild expression, he is considered very handsome.
He has won the Scorpio races four times in a row and is curently at the age of nineteen.
Presentation brought to you by:
Puck Connolly
Angie De Guzman
Josie Taylor
Tyhree Nguyen-Serrano
In all her life, Puck Connolly have been told she's an exact copy of her mother.

She has freckles and red curly hair, she seems like the kind of girl that don't even care about their looks.
the powerful don't always win.
Her real name is actually Kate but she prefers to be called Puck, doesn't sound girly at all doesn't it?
fight until you win,
never give up.
Jordan Dang
Emotional Setting
In Puck's mind, all she really cares about is keeping her family together, along with Dove and Sean Kendrick.
Puck's parents, like many other
people in the island died, killed by
Capaill Uisce.
Benjamin Malvern
Unlike Sean, Puck never won the Scorpio Races but she has to, no matter what, anything for her brothers and keeping them together
Mutt Malvern
The annual Scorpio races take place on the tiny, mystical island of Thisby...
Physical Settings
The Scorpio Sea
As Puck grieves over the death of her parents, Sean grieves over his love for Corr, because Corr is not his, he is owned by the horrible Benjamin Malvern.
Connolly house
Benjamin Malvern is Sean's boss, to be more specific he is the owner of Corr and the guy who won't sell Corr to Sean. He's also the person who tried to kick Puck and her brothers out of their house. In the end, Puck won the race and bought both her house and Corr for Sean.
You can probably tell that Mutt Malvern is somehow related to Ben Malvern, and yes he is, he's Benjamin Malvern's son. All he wanted to do is mess up Sean and injure Corr, and he did.
Secondary Characters:
Gabriel Connolly
Corr- The Capaill Uisce
Gabriel Connolly is Puck's older brother. He's one of the main reason that Puck is joining the race. He decided that he would go to the big city and leave Puck and Finn alone on Thisby Island with no money, and that is why Puck needed to win, for the money and to keep Gabe at home.
Corr is Sean's water horse, although he actually belongs to Benjamin Malvern, Corr's heart belongs to Sean. He's the reason why Sean needed to win the race, to buy him from Benjamin Malvern, even after winning 4 times in a row. He's Sean's most precious friend.
Puck enters the race, hoping to keep her older brother Gabe from leaving the island, and to make enough money to keep living in their house.
Capaill Uisce are water horses and are celtic mythical creatures. They have webbed feet unlike normal horses but over all they look the same, except for the fact that they consume human and animal flesh.
The scorpio sea would be nothing if not for the fact that every October Capaill Uisce begin crawling from the sea to the shores of Thisby island.
Tourists and wealthy horse owners flock to Thisby each November to witness the bloody spectacle and show.
Many Capaill are known to jump off cliffs because the pull of the sea is so strong, it gets even stronger the closer to race day they get.
Take risks to achieve.
Puck now does not want Gabe to leave her and Finn so she announces she will be entering the Scorpio Races on her snow white mare Dove. At this point Sean has asked his boss Benjamin Malvern to sell him Corr, he says no, now Sean has to somehow convince him to sell Corr.
Puck does not what Gabe to leave Finn and her so she announces that she will be entering the upcoming Scorpio races not just because Gabe is leaving but Benjamin Malvern is threatening to kick them out of their house if they don't get the money to pay for it. At this point Sean has asked his boss Benjamin Malvern if he could buy Corr from him, he said no, Sean is now determined to find a way to buy Corr.
Puck and Sean meet for the first time on the beach, Puck and Dove get pulled into the sea by a crazy capall, luckily Sean and Corr were there to save them. This is the first time they have met but it definitely won't be the last.
They are finally signed up to be in the race, although the road was a bit bumpy for Puck being the first girl to
be in the race Sean helped best he could. The race hasn't even started and people are already dead, killed by the capaill but not Sean and Puck, they are working on both their training and their feelings for each other.
The race begins with Puck on Dove and Sean on Corr each ready to do anything to save the other, Mutt Malvern the son of Benjamin Malvern ready to do anything to hurt Corr or Sean, but he goes after Puck, of course Sean sees this before anyone and puts himself in the middle Puck, not knowing any of this is going on rides the inside looking for Sean, but never finds him. Puck crosses the finish line unaware that Sean is battling in the sea with Mutt and his capall Skata. Mutt gets killed in the end and Skata swims back into the sea where she belongs, unfortunately for Sean Corr will never race again with his injury but Corr is now forever Sean's and Puck will keep her house.
Their house is located in the heart of the island
they lived there ever since there parents died, their family was quite wealthy before the parents died.
The feelings from Puck and Sean towards each other is love, and the relationship with both main character and their horses is a loving feeling of friendship.
The feeling of anger towards
Benjamin Malvern comes from both Puck and
Sean, this is anger from the threats of taking
something important from both character.
The sadness of Puck loosing
her parents and
having the weight on her
shoulders of not being
able to keep the family
that's left together.
For Sean, its the burden of loosing your best friend, even if that one and only friend killed your one and only family that's left. He has to carry that sadness of the one you have a strong connection to forever.
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