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English ISU Presentation: Kit's Law

No description

Christopher Mangaser

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of English ISU Presentation: Kit's Law

Kit's Law What Will Be Covered Book Summery Key symbols and Quotes/Sayings Character Discriptions Biography of the author Relation to Other Books How it relates to life And many more How much is God involved in your life? Many Christians do not go to Sunday Mass

Too busy to worship

It is boring

Something else better to do

etc. Well, the society in Kit's Law is mainly based around God due to the society's Christian values The character's in Kit' Thesis
The characters in Kit's Law do not have free will to alter their fate due to the fact that God is in control of their destiny in life We as people who believe in God, have little control over our fate because God has already choosen it. Who doesn't believe this theory? Lizzie takes care of mentally challenge mom and Kit

She dies

Kit steps up and takes care of them

Kit falls in love with Sid

Josie kills Shine, Sid takes the blame

Sid goes to jail

Gets out

Marry Kit

Found out a terrible secret

Sid runs away

Kit looks for him

Both found each other

They can never be together but still love each other

Kit leaves and becomes like Lizzie Main Characters Kit Pitman Lizzie Pitman Doctor Hodgins Sid Josie Pitman Donna Morrissey

Born 1956 in Newfoundland small fishing outport What They Wanted Downhill Chance Sylvanus Now Kit's Law Awards for Kit's Law * Winner of the Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Award
* Winner of the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize
* Winner of the American Library Association Alex Award
* Shortlisted for the Books in Canada First Novel Award
* Shortlisted for the Atlantic Provinces Booksellers' Choice Award
* Shortlisted for the Thomas Head Raddall Award
Symbols Her books Symbolizes life Symoblizes Power Themes/Sayings Prejudice: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. Don't judge a book by its cover Josie is seen as a mentally challenge mother who cannot provide for her family. Yet she save her daughter, and provides essential assets for the family such as splitting wood. The Reverand is seen as a respective figure. But the flip side to him is that he wants Kit and Josie out of their town and is willing to go through extreme measures to rid of their existence. People in authority aren't always right Reverand: Twist God's words to form his ideal society. He is the character that causes chaos to Kit and her family. Quotes "See the world through different colours. It's when everything starts thinking that theirs is the only colour that things start getting hairy"(129) "Everyone is a sinner Kit. Some know it and some don't. Some eat it for breakfast and pass it off as oats" (128) "After all, it's fittin in with the rest of the girls that's part of the growin' up, and if you're not fittin' in, then perhaps there should be another meetin" (136) "Retire we to our chamber. A little water clears us of this deed. How easy is it, then! Your constancy Hath left you unattended" (2.2.85-88) "Could water ever cleanse a soul dirtied by shame" (151) Macbeth and Josie kills another character which causes blood on their hands Setting Chrysalids VS Kit's Law Fringes = Gully Relationships Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan New Money VS Old Money Kit and Sid Incest: Sid is Kit's half brother A character that grows throughout the course of the novel. She is independent and loves the ones who are close to her. Experience many pain and suffering throughout the novel. The boss of the family. Cooks, cleans, baths, feeds, does everything for the family. She held the family down when Josie couldn't. He helps the Pitman family whenever he can. He treats Kit like his own daughter because his own biological daughter died at birth. Reverend Helps out the Pitman family as well. Son of the Reverend. Has a relationship with Kit, befriend Josie Mentally challenge mother, unfit to take care of her child. She is abused by many people in different ways. She hurts Kit physically, mentally, and emotionally. He is strict about God words and teachings. He is seen as a leader in the community, but doesn't have the characteristics of one. Wants Kit and her family out of his town because they are seen as a mockery to God. Shine Seen as the community criminal. Rumours are said to be that he bit off an ear of his victim. He owns a vicious dog. Abuses Josie for sexually favors, yet still harms her family. Oddly enough, every high point of the novel, fire was made. The fire meant life, warmth, happiness, and comfort. When there isn't any fire, there is terror, horror, and darkness. The weapon use to kill Shine. Josie overcomes adversity. Finally conquers Shine. Also use to split wood. Everybody will experience the feeling that Kit went through. Whether it is a loss to something that means a lot to you, a person being bullied by other people, or anything negative in life. But in the end, somehow and someway, people will pull through with the help of friends and family.
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