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Sensory Ideas for the Classroom

No description

Julie LaBerge

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Sensory Ideas for the Classroom

Sensory for the Classroom 5 Senses
1. Hearing
2. Vision
3. Smell
4. Taste
5. Touch Other Senses
1. Vestibular - Movement (inner ear)
* Where are you in space when moving or when environment is moving?
2. Proprioceptive - Body Awareness (Muscles and Joints)
* Where are our body parts and are they moving?
3. Perceptual - Social Sense - The ability to perceive what others are thinking and feeling
Sensory Seeker
* Crave movement
* Can't Sit Still
* Doesn't get dizzy
* Poor body awareness
* Bumps into things
* High pain tolerance
* Difficulty focusing
* Safety concerns
* Unaware of surroundings Sensory Avoidance/Defensiveness
* Tactile - Doesn't like tags in shirts, no messy play
* Gravitational - Avoids being off ground or head out of vertical
* Oral - Only will eat certain textures or temperatures
* Auditory - Bothered by certain sounds
* Olfactory - Bothered by certain smells
* Visual - Sensitive to lights and lots of visual stuff in rooms Why do Sensory for Whole Class?
* All kids can benefit
* Stop problems before they start
* Regulation seems to improve with age Ideas:
Hideouts Quiet Corners Weighted items Quiet Music Swing or chair Visual Schedules Choice Boards Tunnel Sock Obstacle Course Animal Walks Dancing Jumping Crawling Push/Pull
Games Stand at desk Sit on Ball Bungy on Chair Velcro on Desk Fidgets Your ideas???
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