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The Great Gatsby

East Egg VS West Egg


on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

East Egg Views
West Egg Views
East Egg (old money)
People in East Egg think they are better/have more class.
At Gatsby’s party, Tom Buchanan cannot enjoy himself because of his view about the difference in social class.
They believe that they superior to the people in West Egg
People in West Egg lack sophistication

East Egg? West Egg?
West Egg Views:
Envious of the people in East Egg
Believe that they are better people
Try to equate themselves to the people in East Egg

Twenty miles from New York
A pair of enormous eggs with identical contours
Separated by a courtesy bay
East Egg
West Egg

Jessica Ngsee
Stephen Chan
Allison Barahona

Inherit their money
Symbolizes the decay of American society
Spend their money carelessly and on expensive attire
Use their money for personal means
Daisy marries Tom for his money

Work hard to make their money
Symbolizes the new generation - new money
Spend their money on tasteless things
Spend their money more responsibly
Gatsby makes money for the love of Daisy

Misogynistic society - how Tom treats Daisy and Myrtle
Tom hits Myrtle
Women must cover themselves
Daisy cheating is completely unethical
Tom marries Daisy for the sake of marrying Daisy
Women are viewed as more uptight, greedy and naive

Slightly more equal tomen than East Egg
Women wear more showy outfits
Daisy cheats on Tom with Gatsby, but it is not seen as being as horrible in the West
Gatsby wants Daisy for love and never abuses her
Women are more free to do as they please

Jay Gatsby
Nick Carraway
Tom Buchanan
Daisy Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Thanks for listening! :)
East Egg : Immoral
Tom and Daisy openly cheat on their other halves
Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose in public when she mentions Daisy’s name
Daisy shows no responsibility as a mother

West Egg : Less Immoral
Gatsby has not shown many examples to prove his immorality
Gatsby actually loves and cares for Daisy
Nick: “Was Daisy driving?”
Gatsby: “Yes,” he said after a moment, “but of course I’ll say I was.” (137)

East Egg : Immoral
Tom blames the death of Myrtle on Gatsby
Buchanan’s family simply runs away from their problems

West Egg : Less Immoral
Nick refuses to accept Gatsby’s offer to work in his business
Nick: “You’re a rotten driver … either you ought to be more careful, or you oughtn’t to drive at all.” (59)
Nick takes the initiative to hold Gatsby’s funeral
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