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Ellis Island

No description

Ni Blupp

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Ellis Island

Some Facts
Ellis Island
The place
Ellis Island today
The lead
Thanks for watching
40% of the americans come over Ellis Island

20% of the american has german forefather
source (Pictures)
The U.S.A is a country of immigrants
Ellis Island the entrance island of the USA
Many immigrants came to USA for a better life
The question of many immigrants was: how far would i travel for a better life?
Ellis Island was opened from 1892 to 1954
The island of immigration
200 m²
Number of visitors:
3.555.244 (2004)
foundation of the museum:
made by Niklas, Anton and Jona
The American immigrant wall of hornor is the worlds biggest wall with names on it.
1993 were two bronze statues erect, for Annie Moore
In the museum is a big electronical
Today, Ellis Island is a museum
you can take a ferry to Ellis Island
On the picture you can
see New York in the center
is Ellis Island on the top is
Manhattan. At the next picture
we see the Hudson Rivers in the
River is Ellis Island. Now we see red flag red the green flag between the flags is the Ellis Island Bridge. The Bridge is for the visitors not to used.
Just for the worker. The visitors had travel by ferry.
1. The passage
2. The arrival
3. The baggage room
4. The stairs
5. The registry room
6. The medical exam
7. The legal inspection
8. Detainees
9. The stairs of seperation
10. The "kissing post"
Some facts
www.iaci-usa.org/annie moore.html
Immigrant Wall of Hornor:

Annie Moore:
Ellis Island Old:
A short movie
Annie moore
She was an immigrant
She was the first immigrant who pass Ellis island
She went to USA to follow her parents
why came annie moore to USA?
Quiz Questions
Source (Text)
Can visitors use the Ellis Island Bridge?
Ellis island today, the Place and the island of immigration:

how many the descendants must pay, that the of their forefather get on the American Immigrant wall of Hornor?
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