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The 10 Principles of Leadership

And how they apply to Residence Life

Kristin Davick

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of The 10 Principles of Leadership

and how they apply to Res

The Ten Principles
of Leadership

Know your Job
Seek and Accept
Know your residents,
and promote their welfare
Keep your Residents Informed!
-Know what you are talking about
-learn and understand the methods in assisting with problems that you will face on your floor so that you can fulfill the requirements and do your best for the residents.
--Make sure you pay attention in training!!
--Learn from and ask your superiors ( Your Residence Coordinator, Senior Ra, peers etc. (or equal positions in your own residence)) and;
--Know the house rules set out by your residence, and the particulars of your job ie: Quiet hours, On Campus resources etc.
Know your own strengths and limitations and pursue self improvement
You can seek self improvement by discussions with experienced
residence life staff, by reading regulations and by being
enthusiastic and striving to do the best you can
Your "Personal Bubble" and your
"Growing Edge"
Its important to understand your own limitations, but it is equally as important to not define yourself by them. Make yourself uncomfortable, its the best way to find out more about yourself.
The most important aspect of a leader is the ability to accept challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.
Set an Example
Not only must you lead by example, but
you have to BE the example.
You can't expect your residents to listen
to what you are saying if you aren't following in your
own footsteps
#1 Take care of yourself
Sleep regularly, eat properly, regular daily hygiene, responsible
alcohol consumption, time management
#2 Be a Role Model
Academics, House Rules etc.
#3 Life in a fishbowl
The truth of the matter is that when you've accepted your
position as an RA, you've entered into The Fishbowl. Whether you’re in class, spending time with your friends around campus, at the movies, or running errands around town (especially if your university is in a smaller city) somebody is going to see you as John or Jane Doe, the RA. The downside is that you never know when someone is going to see you do something that will damage your credibility as a Resident Assistant.
Get to know your residents, their capabilities, their strengths and their weaknesses. Learn a least a little bit of information about every one of your residents. Here are just a few examples of basic information you should know:

i.Full name and pronunciation
ii.What room they are in
iii.What they are taking in school
iv.Hobbies that they have
Ways you can do this:
#1: Information sheets at the beginning
of the year
#2: Ice Breakers during Floor Meetings
#3: Door tags with names
#4: Try and have at least one chat a week
with each of your residents
Develop a Leadership Potential in your
Make an effort to pass on your experience, and create a replacement for yourself. There will always be at least one resident on your floor or in your building who will express an interest in the activities and will want to get involved.
So you want to be an RA? (Residence
Ambassador, Community Assistant,
Intern etc)
Hold a program that highlights all
of the different leadership opportunities
in your residence or on campus
ie: Clubs fair, Community Service Learning, Jobs in
Residence etc.
Make a poster highlighting the
opportunities in residence and display
it on your floor
Being available and willing to talk about your
experience as a student leader, sometimes we need
to hear about it from someone we trust before we
can make a decision.
Delegate some of the Work
on your floor to your Residents
Assign different Seniors to complete
monthly tasks:
i) Calender Senior
ii) Recycling Senior
ii) Birthday Senior
Assist your residents in doing their
own programming:
i) Offer them advice as to running
a successful program
ii) Refer them to useful resourceful
Recognize the work that your have done!!
Sometimes stepping up and planning a
program is stressful, make sure they are
Make sound and timely decisions
Foster your Floor
to promote
a strong and
inclusive community
Multiplying your own efforts through the building of a community or potential staff member will lead to the success of your floor. In this way, the leader can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. A good community spirit also helps to make the experience a more positive and safe one for everyone.
You can accomplish
this a number of ways!!
Community building styled programming:
i) This can be anything that gets the group
together in an environment where everyone feels safe
to get to know one another

ii) Make sure you residents are always aware of the
diversity of a group, and understand ways in which
to promote an inclusive community
Community building styled programming:
This can be activities such as:
A floor campfire!
A movie night
Recreational sports
Trips to Museums
Dinner Parties
Promoting Diversity
Not allowing
un-inclusive language
**Make sure residents know WHY language like this
is discouraged
Diversity Dinners
A map displaying where
all your residents are from
Foreign movie nights
Belly Dancing lessons
Diversity Circles
Avoid a hasty ill-conceived decision and do not put off necessary decisions. Make sure to be consistent with the choices you make, so that the residents know what to expect from you at all times.
Also think about every decision you make in your daily life. Will this effect my credibility? Would I want the people around me to do this? Am I taking care of myself as much as I should be? etc.
You can contribute to improving the morale of the floor by ensuring that the residents are well informed of what is going on. Explain reasons for changes, activities occurring on and off the floor that they can participate in etc.
Great ways of
this include:

Weekly floor meetings
Mass texting
Calenders and bulletin boards
Social media (facebook, twitter etc)
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