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Diverse work force in the public services - Part 2

Methods used by the public services to ensure they have a diverse police force

Melanie Black

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Diverse work force in the public services - Part 2

The role of the Public Services
in promoting Equality and Diversity

The methods used by Public Services
to ensure they have a diverse workforce


Harassment at work
Policies designed to prevent bullying
They state what should be done if it happens
State responsibility is up to the individual

Is this an effective policy?

Watch the news clip
Recording and Monitoring of
Equal Opportunities data
Public services funded with public money
So accountable to public
Must keep records on recruitment and selection
(Government requirement)
Must monitor complaints and how they are resolved
Complaints Procedures
Service Users
Complaints procedure that can be used by the general public
This might involve poor service
e.g Independent Police Complaints Commission
Investigates complaints against police offices
Investigates incidents - e.g Ian Tomlinson at G20 summit protest

Bullying in the Service
Bullying in the community
You should of been in there after the game or maybe you shouldn't there was a real atmosphere that you could cut with a knife brewing. Loads of preston lads on one side and the stupid plod decided to let Huddersfield fans in. After exchanging insults one of the huddersfield lads run over and punched a northender who had his back turned in the back of the head. Next thing it erupted Chairs, glasses, fists were flying the plod where quick to react and steamed in and started batoning us like we had started it. They got the Yarkshire lads out and kept us locked in for over 40 mins while we was escorted out one by one for video, name d.o.b.

Bad move all round by the coppers who didnt have a ******* clue. Most of them were pen pushers from bradford , barnsley and leeds.

Understand the role of the public services in enforcing diversity
Summarise why it is important for public services to record and monitor equal opportunities
Justify the monitoring of complaints and how they were resolved
The Policies
Equal opportunities policies
Grievance procedure
Bullying and harassment in the workplace
Anti-discriminatory policies
Recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints
Complaints procedures for service users (i.e the public)
By the end of today you will:-
Assess anti-discriminatory policies by recording statistics
Examine recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints
Select and share bullying and harassment in the workplace
Anti-Discriminatory Policies
Issued by Equality and Human Rights Commission
People should succeed by how hard they work
What they know
Personal Abilities

The Colour of their skin
Their Sexuality
Task 1
Make notes on the Video
Info:- BME stands for
thnic (Communities)
Apply your experiences to demonstrate what people
might complain about regarding the police

Watch this video and make notes
What targets were set?
and have they been met?
Do you get the feeling that targets are being adjusted to suit the figures?
Were you aware that you can access figures on recruitment?
Do you think that the complaints procedure is fit for purpose?
If not, why not
Can you think of other situations people have complained about?
Lets just remind ourselves of the assessed criteria:-

P5 Review the methods used by the public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce

M3 Analyse the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service
Stephen Lawrence
Mark Duggan
Deepcut barracks

What have you learned during this lesson?

In your notes write down the difference between a complaint from a service user and a whistleblower

What has surprised you?
Whistle blowing
Whistleblowing is when a worker reports suspected wrongdoing at work.

Complaints from a service user
These are complaints received from members of the public about the service they received from a person in a public service or other organisation.
For example you might complain about how a doctor treated you when you were in hospital.
Whistle blowers
A worker can report things that are not right, are illegal or if anyone at work is neglecting their duties, including:
Officially this is called ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’
#someone’s health and safety is in danger
#damage to the environment
#a criminal offence
#the company isn’t obeying the law (like not having the right insurance)
#covering up wrongdoing
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