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The 5th Wave

No description

Marissa Simpleman

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave
Author: Rick Yancey
480 pages

I believe the theme of The 5th Wave is to get close to one before you trust them. I think this is the theme because when the main character, Cassie, meets a person, Evan, she begins to like him, but she knows she can't trust him yet because he may be an "other". As the story continues, Cassie begins to get close as their trust builds and they make it to the base her brother, Sammy, is at.
"'We don't know these guys,' .... 'they could be just another bunch of twigs...'" -Rick Yancey

"Never trust anyone until they have proven to you that they can be trusted." -Unknown

Creative Response #1
This image represents the book in my opinion. I invision the sight looking just like this. As a matter o fact, when Cassie is in the beginning is alone in the woods trying to protect herself from the others and this is how it described. This picture has the woods where Cassie learns to defend herself. As well as the darkness to set the tone. She runs through woods so that she can get food for her family and this image describes it perfectly.
Creative Response #2
The part of text that I found most intruining was when Cassie had seen someone that had been shot and she didn't know whether or not to shoot him. He had told her to shot him and she did so, not trusting him. She didn't trust him because he had something in his hand that he would not let go of. That ended up being a cross. I found this intruiging because it was one of the first most intense tings and it added mystery. It was fun to read and was described greatly. In this part I really enjoyed it because it really relates to the theme of not trusting one. This section was interesting and mysterious which lead it to be one of the best parts of the book for me.

Plot Chart
Revolution: Cassie is a teenager that lives with her brother, Sammy and both of her parents in Ohio. They all live together happy until "the others" come. They create waves of killing everyone to have Earth to themselves.
Rising Action
1. Cassie's mother dies from the Ebola virus and Sammy, Cassie and her father leave to a place where the dead bodies are burned.
2. Cassie's father dies after him and Sammy got taken away to Camp Haven.
3. Cassie meets Evan and they make their way to Camp Haven to save her little brother.
1. Get's taken by one of "the others" and is brainwashed and is now one of "the others".
2. Sammy, Cassie's younger brother, gets assigned to Ben Parish's group where he develops an affectin with him.
3. Get's sent for mission and realizes that the others have brainwashed him with the help of a pal, Ringer.
4. Ringer and Ben get the chips that could kill them whenever out of their system and head out to Camp Haven.
Ben Parish, Ringer, Evan and Cassie all get together to save Sammy at Camp Haven.

Falling Action
1. Evan, Cassie, Ben and Sammy manage to make it out of Camp Haven .
2. Ringer gathers many other soldiers from the others who have realized what they have been tricked into.
3. Evan stays behind and blows up Camp Haven so that the others don't come after them.

Resolution:Everyone except for Evan is safe in a military vechile and they stick together.

Man vs. Self
Man vs. Supernatural
Protagonist: Ben; Cassie
Antagonist: The Others
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