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The War With Grandpa

Book Report Project

David B

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The War With Grandpa

The War With Grandpa
By:Robert Kimmel Smith
illustrator:Richard Lauter The Solution & Conclusion The Setting Minor Characters:Jenny is Peter's sister & is always bothering Peter & likes to get him in trouble.
Steve is Peter's friend & he is like a know-it-all.
Billy is also Peter's friend but he's more into sports.
Steve & Billy help Peter try win the war. Main Characters :Peter loves his Grandpa but when he takes his room he declares war.
Grandpa Jack comes to live with peter & his family because he feels loney when Grandma died. The Problem The problem of the story is When grandpa comes to live with peter's family & Grandpa takes his room because of his broken leg. Peter's parents move him up to the 3rd floor. Peter is mad so he declares war. The Climax The solution was they made an agreement that Grandpa would live in the basement & Peter gets his room back & that make everyone happy.His Dad works in the basement but he moves his office to the 3rd floor. David Barahona The characters This story takes place in a BIG house with a basement,1st floor,2nd floor,and 3rd floor. The family sleeps in the 2nd floor but when Grandpa comes Peter has to move to the 3rd floor.He is not happy about it. The climax of the story is a huge prank that Grandpa set on Peter.
Grandpa set Peter's alarm off so he would be late for school,hid his underwear & socks, & took his toothbrush.Peter was so late to school that he ran to school but he made it on time.But he forgot his lunch! My favorite part of the book

Was when Peter's sister Jenny came with the monopoly box & found that the box was empty. That's because grandpa stole that too. So Jenny thought something was up. My rating was
8 stars ********
I recommend this
book if you want to
be entertained & have
a laugh.
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