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Unit 15: Sports Injuries

No description

Michael Fayeun

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Unit 15: Sports Injuries

Unit 15: Sports Injuries
Assignment 2
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Clotting Mechanism
Local Vaso-Constriction
- Shorting of blood Supply to the site
- Blood Viscosity

Platelet Reaction
- Identifies trauma and act as an adhesive to stop blood loss.

- Blood vessel expands and allow natural blood flow
By Michael Adeniyi Fayeun
Inflammatory Phase
Proliferation Phase
(Sub Acute)
Remodeling Phase
Duration: (0 - 6 Days)
Caused by a macro trauma
Effects -
Damaged blood vessels

Nerves (Numbness)
Duration: (3 - 21 Days)
Angiogenesis - Production of vessels
Fibroblast activity - Reformation of cells
Scar tissue fulled by nutrients
Wound Contraction
Duration: (Up to a 1year)
Soft tissues begin to remodel (3weeks post injury)

3-4 weeks tensile strength of wound is 25% of normal strength
Collagen fibers Help to remodel tissue
Inflammatory Phase
Proliferation/ Healing Response
Research (Article 1)

Sports Players Psychological Response To Injury
- Angry at themselves for making the injury occur/ They have to wait for their injury to heal

- They cannot take part in physical activity

- They are unable to do the sport they enjoy most

Looking For A Quick Way Out
- Try to get back into the sport as quick as possible/ Attempt to see what good can come from this.

Kevin Ware
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