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Carnival de Venice

A carnival taking place in Venice, Italy.

David Vazquez

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Carnival de Venice

Carnival of Venice
The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival, held in Venice. The Carnival starts around two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Martedì Grasso), the day before Ash Wednesday.
First held in Venice during 11th century. Consisted of over two months of revelry, until it fell into decline during18th century. Revived in 1979 with great success.

Nowadays, it is a great excuse to don a mask and costume, parade around the city, enjoy the live music in the main squares of the city, the events organised by the tourist board and is a wonderful open-air festival where everyone can join in.
Venice, Italy
Carnival Traditions
(Puppet Show)

Puppets shows and story-telling have always been very popular in all Italy along the centuries, and in Venice in particular during the Carnival.

But, as we see in this picture, this peculiar show is made mostly for attracting the crowds, put them together and at ease, and then starting to propose the sale of a "special balsam", or a "long life elixir", to suckers that might believe in these things.
(Acrobatic Masks)

Which puts together the transvestitism and the popular fun life of the circus.

Very interesting is the earlier form of ice skates, made for skating on the iced lagoon channels, thus giving us a good indication of the kind of weather it had to be expected in Venice during Carnival in those days.
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