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Karolina Hentisz

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Love

To what extend is love a stRictly biological process
Biology as a
Main Factor
As it is visible in the experiments, biology plays an important role while falling in love.
Real live situation:

Knowledge issues:

Ways of knowing:
- Emotion
- Perception
- Reason
- Intuition


- Biological
- Emotional
- Scientific
Triangular Theory of love
(1988) Robert Stenberg
-Fisher et al. (2003)
-investigation of blood flow in
brain of 20 men asked to look at
photograph of their beloved
and of some other strangers.
- questionary ''Passionate love scale''
- how they feel in their relationship.
-''brain's reward system'' was
particularly active
- The more passionate they were, the
more active the brain was.
Hormones Influence:
- Buss (1996)
- Jealousy is biologically based
- Menstrual Cycle influences types
of Jealousy
-Low level of oestrogen -
sexually jealous.
- High level of oestrogen -
emotionally jealous
- released in men and women
during touching, sex and childbirth
- deepen and intensify feelings
of attachment

- long-term commitment
- related during sex
- Proved by Winslow 1993 in experiment
on voles, by changing amount of
vasopressin in their organism to
check changes in relationships.

'The modification of neural
activity that animates and focuses
mental activity'.
- Edward O. Wilson -
1.Experiments shown
in this presentation proves
that biology influences falling
in love in a huge extent
2.We cannot decide if biology
is more important than
emotions because we are not
able to be conscious about
biological processes which take place
during falling in love.
Emotions are factors which we
can recognize in the moment
of their appearance.

3.All three levels of analysis show factors
which influence falling in love. Experiments
prove that everything starts in our
organism. In fact we cannot be sure if
our way of thinking causes biological
reactions or reactions cause way
of perception which starts big love.
4.Our perspective:
We, as girls in love, decided that
our emotions are more important
and biological changes are effects
of falling in love not the factor.
Anthropologist Fisher 2004
Biological level of analysis suggests that
the overwhelming sense of love
makes our heads spin and hearts throb.
Fisher said that all those symptoms in
romantic love indicate dopamine
adrenaline and serotonin.
Finally all those play an important
role in falling in love.
- Human Sciences
- Natural Sciences
1. To what extent are
biological factors more
important than our emotions while
choosing a beloved person?

2. Is biological level of analysis more
important than socio-cultural and
cognitive level of analysis in defining

The most beautiful feeling connected with someone is love.
It is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you feel a need to be with that person, and when you're not, you're thinking about him or her because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete and you feel empty.

How it is related to TOK ?
Our everyday decisions are often based largely in the emotions. S our immediate experiences are thick with emotions, we cannot get away from them.
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