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Barrie Tornado Outbreak 1985

No description

Edwina Osei

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Barrie Tornado Outbreak 1985

When did this take place?
Effects that the tornado brought.
Causes that made this Tornado happen.
Headline 2
Headline 3
Headline 4
June 3rd, 1985
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Where did this occur?
Headline 1
Other interesting/important facts.
Headline 5
1st Tornado
Barrie Tornado Outbreak 1985
1st Tornado
The coast of Georgian Bay near Rush Cove, north of Wiarton, moving northeast over Barrow Bay
Hopeville and Grey County Roads 8, north of Highway 89 ( the place was deserted)
Ardagh Road approaching Crawford St. where it entered Barrie
2nd Tornado
Hit ground near North of Arthur
Crashed at Grand Valley, sucked up Mono Plaza Highway 10, headed near south of Tottenham
3rd Tornado
Alma, Crawford Street.

There was other small tornadoes that occurred that day.
Lastly there was damage at Brentwood Marina
May 31st 1985
Began at 3pm
Time period: approx hours and 25 minutes.
These are some of the natural
causes on why the tornado
There was going to be a severe weather event at the Great Lakes. There was a usual deep low pressure all the day that wasn't like the weather they used to have.
It reached up to the upper 20s in Celsius across southern Ontario. There was a warm wind shear in a sector of one of the tornado's (preferably the first one). The situation got worse when moisture added to the mix, making it very dangerous, and severe very quickly.
Which became a rotating storm that
became messy and hard to see in.
What really pulled the trigger was when there was a trailing cold front behind the low temperature. These tornado's also happened because of the previous thunderstorms and mini tornado's that happened yesterday. On May 31st it started out with warm fronts moving northwards, which skies were clearing very quickly and temperatures began to rise.
The economic effects that the tornado had on
Barrie was that there was over $100 million
dollars worth in damage.
People were effected emotionally (therapy),
physically (155+ injured, and over 10+
people were killed).
The environment was extremely effected by the tornado in Barrie because the ground and buildings were flattened, it was a mess (300+ homes was destroyed, 1/3 of the town was destroyed, air was polluted because of the heavy rain and the dust.There was a lot of resources that were wasted and destroyed (power outages, houses, trees, farms[crops} etc). All in all it damaged Barrie very badly
There was a lot of medical responses and people responses that Barrie had.
For the people who survived the Tornado were very cautious and they became very aware of their surroundings, so that if this does happen again the would be more ready. #safe than sorry.
Medical doctors and environmentalists were giving advice to people and hospitals to change and revisit their decision plan, because one day there may be upcoming outbreaks like this. Local residents were transformed into terrified victims to unified army bent on rescue, restoring order and providing comfort.
These are just some important things I
thought were important, if not interesting.
The tornado was moving 400 km/hr
There was roughly
around 12 tornado's that ripped through Ontario that day.
Fujita Scale- F4 and lower
Published by: Hasina and Edwina
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