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How are mountains formed by ali 5/6 l

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guildford public

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of How are mountains formed by ali 5/6 l

How are mountains formed

BY:Ali Abdulrahman 5/6 Lyrebird

Would you like to know how mountains are formed? Well, I know that mountains are formed by an earthquake, the atmosphere plates and the ground.
What is a mountain?
A mountain is a cone shaped hill that is on land. It can be a volcano, snowy mountains or even rocky mountains in some countries.
Firstly, mountains form when earth's plates crash together and causes an earthquake. When the earthquake occurs, that means a mountain might be formed or if not, the next earthquake may be a mountain.
Step 2
Next, When the ground shakes and the earthquake occurs, the ground lifts up and it is only half of the mountain that shows off the ground.
Step 3
Finally, After a few years, The mountain grows higher and higher until it finally forms a n actual mountain.
Step 1
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