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Australian goat

No description

cadence tripp

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Australian goat

Australian goat
Australian (Cashmere) Goat
Australian goats have been present in Australia since the turn of the century.
What does the breed descend from?
Australian goats are descended from feral goats captured since the 1970s and selectively bred since that time.
How did it get to where it is now?
Goats arrived in Australia and New Zealand with the first European settlers. During the 19th Century, this breed was set free due to drought or lack of profit, and thats when they became plentiful.
Main Phenotypic Traits
-Known for their cashmere and mohair.
-Fleece can be any color, but pure white sells for the most.
Main Genotypic Traits
-These animals possess strong fiber and milk producing qualities.
-They are used for meat production, as well as cashmere, mohair, and leather.
Interesting facts
1.They are used as recipients in ovum transplant programs.
2.It is believed that Cashmere is eight times warmer than sheeps wool.
3.Making a cashmere garment takes 5 processes.
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