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Enclave by Ann Aguirre

No description

Aubree Wasserman

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Plot Summary & Mood
A main summary of this book would be a life changing experience after naming day. Deuce, the name chosen for a brat for her naming day. She was given this name by the hunters so that she can become a part of them. Fade, her new partner, had soon become the only thing that she liked. Nassau, an enclave nearby, had been overrun by Freaks and no one had survived. Deuce and Fade then come back to their enclave and Deuces friend Stone is on trial for exile. Deuce and Fade step up for him and are sent to Topside, a place in which Fade was born and raised. Topside, filled with gangers and creatures of the unknown, Deuce and Fade will need to survive and find a safe place to live. Fades father, talked about how a safe haven is towards the North where no gangs live that will harm you. Then soon get captured and escape with allies to take on their journey with them, one being a younger girl Tegan, and one being Stalker, a gang leader that lost some of his ẅolfs (gang members) to the Freaks who have now found their way Topside.
The Society
Deuce: Deuce is the main character in the story. When she's in her underground society she's very comfortable and sure of herself. When they go above ground she ends up being very shy and confused about everything she's ever known.
Fade: Fade is basically the opposite of Deuce. He grew up above ground and is extremely comfortable there, but when he lived underground he was very shy and kept to himself. He is a fighter and knows how to fight for what he loves in order to keep it.
Stalker: Stalker is a very outgoing person. He likes to be in charge and doesn't like when people don't listen to him. But after he teams up with the others to leave the city he seems to turn into a more honest guy.
Tegan: At first Tegan was a very shy and very sneaky person. She was done being pushed around and so she decided to do something about it. She completely turned around and is now a very outgoing, strong willed person.
The Themes
What universal truths does this novel explore?

This novel explores basic human nature during extreme, unusual, and tragic situations. It’s easy to say what you would enviably do in one of these situations but you can never tell how you would react unless you are actually going through the experience. Deuce and Fade had to make very hard decisions throughout their journey together. What would you do if your best friend was being wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit and resulted in exile? Stone, Deuce’s best friend, was unexpectedly accused for hording, which is a huge crime in their society. The leaders of College, the Elders, brought up this wrong accusation to scare citizens who were actually committing this crime. Deuce knew her friend, Stone, would never do this and took the blame for him. Fade was so attached to Deuce he also took blame, which resulted in them being kick out of the Enclave, their only hope for survival was to go to Topside (Aguirre 114-119).

What common ground does the author create with the reader?

It was very easy for me to relate to the main character Deuce. This novel Enclave is mainly targeted for young teens because the two main characters are a teenage boy and girl. This makes it possible for the reader to “slip into their shoes” and go through the trials and obstacles with them. The two main characters are going through experiences, us teens are going through right now, such as falling for someone or falling in love. The reader can emotionally relate to these feelings therefore having common ground with the author. “Such closeness felt new…and intimate. It had been different with Thimble and Stone, none of the awareness that prickled through me with restless sweetness. Because he seemed to need me, even if it went unspoken, I let myself answer by turning my check to his and I remembered the kiss (Aguirre 136).”
Enclave by Ann Aguirre
Fade and Deuce weren't happy
Fade and Deuce were happier
There are people higher than others
Fade and Deuce were hunters
They were just regular people
Fade and Deuce stuck together
Fade isn't outgoing
Fade is more outgoing
Deuce is more comfortable
There are gangs
Organized society
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