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Economics Introduction

No description

David Cadwell

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Economics Introduction

If only I would have known
So What would I do?
Thank you for your attention!
And Start Saving!
Get an Education
Good debt is when someone else pays
it off!!!
The Value of a College Education!!
Rule of 72
What is the difference
between good debt and bad debt?
Einstein Called this, "The MOST Amazing
Discovery of ALL TIME."
If you save $500/month starting at age 45 until you
are 65 (assuming 7% return) you will have $261,982.
However if you save $100/month from 18 - 45 and
then save nothing but still earn a 7% return on your money, you will have $387,718!!!!
With another decade in the books, here’s the quick compounded annual return of the S&P 500 for 50 years:
•Last 10 years: -2.9%
•Last 20 years: 6.1%
•Last 30 years: 8.3%
•Last 40 years: 6.5%
•Last 50 years: 6.2%
Here’s the compounded annual return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for 50 years:
•Last 10 years: -0.5%
•Last 20 years: 7.0%
•Last 30 years: 9.0%
•Last 40 years: 6.7%
•Last 50 years: 5.8%
And finally, the compounded annual return of the Nasdaq Composite over 30 years:
•Last 10 years: -5.7%
•Last 20 years: 8.4%
•Last 30 years: 9.5%
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