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Copy of Chapter 1 Overview

Social Studies Chapter 1 Lessons 1-5

Elizabeth Elliott

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 1 Our Nation´s Geography
Lesson 1 States and Regions
USA has 50 states, separated into 5 regions: West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast

States within a region are similar in land, history and culture.

USA, Canada and Mexico share a history in exploration and conquest.
Lesson 2: The Land
Geographers divide the land into landform regions.

Coastal Plain: Flat land along the Atlantic Ocean(MA-FL-TX)

Appalachian Mountains: run from southeastern Canada to Alabama

Interior Plains: cover much of the Central USA. The eastern part is called the
Central Plains, and the western part is called the Great Plains.

Rocky Mountains: west of the interior plains

Climate is the kind of weather a place has over a long period of time
A basin is low and bowl shaped with higher land around it

Lesson 3: Bodies of Water
USA has many different kinds of bodies of water

Inlets: areas of water that form larger bodies of water

Gulfs: larger inlets

Lakes: Great Lakes (HOMES)

River systems: begin with a mouth, and may have other rivers
Mississippi River is the largest river system
Lesson 4: Climate and Vegetation
Climate depends on distance from the Equator, distance from bodies of water, and elevation.

Earth´s orbit around the sun causes seasons.

Climate influences the type of vegetation that grows in the different regions.

Lesson 5: People and the Environment
Physical features encourage people to settle in some areas and may make settling in other areas challenging.

People modify the land to meet their needs to obtain renewable (trees, wind, water) or nonrenewable resources (coal, oil, natural gas)

People use land for farming, businesses, mining, and building.

People need to live near transportation routes
to travel

Today transportation is more energy efficient
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