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Welcome Back to School

No description

Cali Pratt

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Welcome Back to School

Mrs. Cali
After School Pick-up
Electronics & Personal Items
Students are encouraged not to bring toys or electronics to school. They will not be allowed in the classroom.
On occasion, electronics will be permitted for research projects and presentations.
Students may bring books, flowers, CDs, cultural objects, rocks, musical instruments, etc. to class for a presentation.

Lunch & Snacks
What message from the song/video
with you the most? Explain how it applies to your life.
8:00am-8:20am @ Elementary
Late arrivals
- come directly to the Adolescent building
Please enter the school quietly.
Morning Drop-off
After school pick-up is between 3:30-3:45.

Students will wait for parents at the Adolescent building.
Conferences with your parents and myself will be scheduled several times this year.
Students will lead their own conference with guidance.
Additional meetings may be arranged by the student, parent or teacher during the school year.
Conferences help the teacher, parent and student to better understand the progress of each child and the class as a whole. This is also a time to set goals, address concerns and congratulate accomplishments.
Parent/Teacher conferences
Regular attendance is very important since our school week is only three days. We are a collaborative community, and we need all members present as often as possible.
When absence from school is necessary for any reason, I ask that your parent texts me between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m. to inform me that you will not be attending that day.
Students are responsible for collecting and completing any assignments they missed while they were absent.
I will review lessons with students when our schedule allows.
GM Heritage does not require uniforms, however, clothing should be modest and respectful.

Clothing should allow for comfortable participation in outdoor activities, cooking and group projects.

Please no make-up.

School Dress Code
Students will remove their shoes as they enter the building.

Indoor shoes, slippers and or socks can be kept in the entry way.

Check the lost-and-found box in the entry for missing items.
Disciplinary issues will be handled on an individual basis. If a serious disciplinary issue arises during school hours the parents will be notified to pick up their child. Such offenses might include:
o Fighting – hitting, punching
o Threatening bodily harm
o Derogatory notes/pictures/language
o Excessive threatening/taunting - bullying
o Damaging property
o Obscene gestures
o Biting/spitting
o Stealing
o Inappropriate touching
o Carrying a weapon
o Leaving school without permission

Disciplinary Issues
Lunch time is from 12:30-1:30.
Lunches should be nutritious in order to fuel your learning. Foods high in sugar, fat, salt, preservatives and other artificial additives should not be included.
Snacks will be provided.
Students can choose when they want to have a snack, but they should limit themselves to two snacks a day.
Snacks should not interrupt lessons.
(530)412-2656 *No calls/texts after 9:00
*14 years teaching
*Saint Mary’s
*International Studies
*Pet Peeves

As a community of learners, it is important that we are working together to make sure our environment is cared for as well as each other. Together we will brainstorm a list of committees to care for the needs of our school. These committees will rotate, so everyone will have the opportunity to contribute.
Occupational Studies
Through occupational studies, our learning comes to life!
Develop a business plan for approval
Organize and run a business
manage finances
delegate responsibilities
Internship Report
Part of joining the adult world is learning that we are all apart of a global community. Throughout the year, students will have many opportunities to interact with the local and global communities by developing service projects to address areas of need.
Work and Project Expectations
Good morning! Buenos Dias! I hope you all had a restful evening. Please get out your journals and begin dumping everything in your brain. Don't judge your feelings or thoughts, just write.
How are you feeling about the day?
Did anything stressful or calming happen this morning?
What are you most looking forward to today/this year?
What are you most dreading?
Did you have a weird, bad or wonderful dream last night?

* Attempt to write at least a half a page about whatever is going on inside your head. This will not be graded on content or spelling, so just write!

Cooking Lab!!
Zentangle Art:
Using an art technique called Zentangle, you will each create an image of your hand print. In this lesson we will be focusing on visual symbolism. Challenge yourself to illustrate your Zentangle hand print using patterns of symbols that represent something significant about you.
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