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The Dreamer

No description

Ambria Johnson

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of The Dreamer

"The Dreamer"
by Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz
Awarded for writers award from Barne's & Nobel
Selected 20th member of Pulitzer prize board of jurors
He has written numerous novels
Summary of
"The Dreamer"
The short story, "The Dreamer", is written by Junot Diaz. He tells a story about his mother's struggle to make something of herself. When she was old enough, she wanted to be a nurse, but she had to go to school on the hill. Her grandmother, that she stayed with, would not allow her to leave their farm to go to school. She was beaten for being near that school. His mother later found out that her grandmother could be arrested for keeping her at home, instead of in school because she was over the age of 15. It was against the law. When the rest of the family went up the hill for festival time, she was terribly sick. She got a ride with her cousin and go to the hill. She went to a teacher and told her " I want to go to school", and reported her grandmother. She didn' t become a nurse, because of immigration, but she got an education.
Method of Development
It is a Narration form of development
It tells a story and chronologically explains how the events occur
Diaz starts by introducing his mother
He moves on to describing the events in her childhood in the order that they occured
Diaz concludes by explaining and describing the outcome of his mother's actions and how they later affected him and his siblings.
Why is important?
Shows the importance of dreams
The courage to stand up for what you want
The importance of overcoming obsticles
How one person dreams can make anothe person's life better
Born December 31, 1968 in Santo Dimingo
He immigrated to New Jersey at the age of 6
He is Dominican American
Selected 39th most important Latin American writers under age of 39
Drown was recognized as important in contemporary literature 10 years after being published
Biography continued...
Why was it Published?
Presentation by:
Valerie Wilson
Jailen Martin
Gianni Jones
Travis Downing
Ambria Johnson
It is a Narration
Shows how one character follows her dream and gets an education to make something of ourselves like we are trying to do
To help college students understand the importance of their journey
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