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The Tempest: Characters, Plot, Theme, Tone

Building background

Golda LoBello

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of The Tempest: Characters, Plot, Theme, Tone

On the Ship
Antonio- Brother to Prospero, current duke of Milan
King Alonso- King of Naples
Ferdinand- Prince of Naples, King Alonso's son
Sebastian- Brother to Alonso
Gonzalo-Trusted adviser to Alonso; helped Prospero escape Milan
Francisco- Lord (minor character)
Adrian- Lord (minor character)
Trinculo-Drunken jester
Stephano-Drunken butler
On the Island
Building Background:
Characters, Plot, and Theme
On the Ship cont...
3 Major Plot Lines
Major Themes
importance of forgiveness over revenge
appearances vs. realities
necessity of civilized behavior
William Shakespeare
The Tempest
Prospero-Rightful Duke of Milan
Miranda-His young and beautiful daughter
Caliban-Son of Sycorax, Natural being, Slave to Prospero and Miranda
Ariel-An airy spirit; indebted to Prospero, and does his magical bidding
Prospero was usurped from his dukedom by his brother Antonio with help from King Alonso. When King Alonso and Antonio and others are on a ship returning to Naples, Prospero creates a tempest (a storm) to wreck their ship and trap them on the island in order to get his dukedom back.
On their way back home from King Alonso's daughter's wedding to the King of Tunis, their ship is "wrecked" on the magical island where Prospero has lived for the last 12 years. The shipwrecked survivors are separated. Ferdinand is brought to Prospero, mariners are put into a deep sleep on the ship in a safe cove, the butler and the jester find each other and conspire together, and the other noblemen are on a separate side of the island.
Romance-Prospero wants Miranda and Ferdinand to fall in love, so he isolates Ferdinand from the rest of the shipwrecked noblemen.
Revenge-Prospero wants to regain his dukedom and also teach Antonio and King Alonso a lesson, so he uses Ariel to create illusions and manipulate the men.
Drunken Conspirators-Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban conspire to kill Prospero and to take the island for their own. This plot line creates comic relief.
Dark Comedy/Tragicomedy- Ends happily; often has a serious tone; occasionally comical with the drunken conspirators.
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