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The Chinese Compass By Victoria

No description

lis lab3

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of The Chinese Compass By Victoria

The Chinese Compass The chinese compass was invented in the years 221-206 B.C Chinese fortune tellers invented the chinese compass. Did you know?

In Feng Shui the chinese compass was used as a home decor befor it was used as a compass? Did you know?

The chinese compass was intended for divination (fortune telling) before it was a compass? Did you know?

The chinese compass works horizontally and not vertically like our compass? Also the chinese compass is a square, not a circle? Did you know?

One compass-type machine was called the South-Pointing Chariot. It was named that because most of the time it pointed south. The legend of the South-Pointing Chariot dates back to the 2000s B.C. Did you know?

The first compass consisted of a bronze plate and a spoon-shaped pointer made of magnetic lodestone? Neat huh? Did you know?

The chinese compass was also likely used to orient buildings? By: Victoria Chen
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