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Shisa Kahanulani

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of WHAT'S YOUR QOL?

Final Conclusion
My research findings surrounds one question: what makes you happy? This initial study was to determine whether or not wealthier families received better service, but I left understanding that the money isn't what constituted better service. The better quality of life you have, the better quality of life you will get. These families that work at Windward Mall are the same families that shop there. That fact alone is the reason why I walked away from this study with a deeper understanding of human ethics. We want to assume that money makes us happy but the larger quality of life depends on who you have and how those people compliment your life. I saw so many happy families and heard so many laughing voices at Windward Mall and only saw well reserved people walking around Kahala, as if their life was better. I'm starting to see the thin line between money and happiness. (Yes, the line is thin.)
What is Quality of Life?
QOL = Quality of Life
Kahala Mall vs. Windward Mall
The mall was my primary place to study because of the amount of people that were there. I liked the idea of a family area so that I could see whether the cost of living in that area equated to better quality of service.

The findings were immeasurable.
Neutral Position
As the researcher, I played a very neutral part in this study because 1) I don't live near Kahala so I don't play a role in the original assumption and 2) even though I live in Kailua, I don't normally shop at Windward Mall.

This neutral position allowed me to observe from afar, understanding that my personal experiences (or lack thereof) would help me remain unbiased during the research period.
Area Income equates to Quality of Service
I assumed that the higher cost of living in an area would also equate to better service. Having this mindset made my conclusions more realistic.
By: Shisa Kahaunaele
-How happy are you?
-What makes you happy?
-How much do you actually
your day?
Kahala Mall
I chose Kahala Mall for the 1) high foot traffic
in the area and 2) the cost of living in that area
is very high. I was under the assumption that
because the cost of living was higher and people
in that area had bigger salaries that would equate to better customer service.
Windward Mall
I chose Windward Mall because 1) I needed
a latter to Kahala Mall and 2) I felt that this was
also a high foot traffic mall which would have
almost similar results in comparison to the
other mall.
Kahala Mall
Wealthy community = Better service

Higher family income = Better service =
More enjoyable shopping experience

Actions Observed:
More older couples rather than families, quality of service was very low with unfriendly attitudes
Windward Mall
Localized community = Lower quality of service

More localized community = Lower quality of service =
Less enjoyable shopping experience

Actions Observed:
Many families and other diverse groups of people, quality of service was very high and (seemed) enjoyable for both parties
Quality of Life
My initial assumption was that the quality of service was [positively] correlated with family income. This assumption evolved to quality of life equating to quality of service. The previous term has to do with what I observed at Windward Mall. The two-story mall located in Kāne'ohe has two playgrounds and is inhabited by the families that live on the east side. I learned that these families live a life of high quality and the emotions they give off reflect that. I also learned that the people working at Windward Mall also live in the surrounding communities and that plays a big part on how they act in the workplace.

Survey: Macy's and Courtyard Area
Duration: (3) visits over a span of two weeks
Observed: (6) couples and (2) families
Out of the (8) observed subject groups, 87% of them seemed unhappy with their service and 62% of them seemed unhappy to be there.

Windward Mall
Survey: Macy's and Playground Area
Duration: (3) visits over a span of two weeks
Observed: (1) couple and (7) families
Out of the (8) observed subject groups, 87% of them seemed completely satisfied with their service and 100% of them seemed like they wanted to be there.
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