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Marriott Armenia

No description

Lucy Hakobyan

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Marriott Armenia

Marriott brand was introduced in 2004
General Manager is Ami Minron
Target market - business-clients per embassies’ and foreign companies’ channels,
Facility - 226 guest-rooms and 8 large conference halls
Decision Making

Main activities
hotel services and round-the-clock business center
ugmented services
- travel, catering, communication and health improving
- Cucina restaurant , Brasserie, Meeting Point Café, and Scoop ice cream parlor
- innovation, service and leadership

Corporate Governance & Management
Investors & Lenders
Best Corporate Governance & Management Practices
Annual Audit
Quality Standards Inspection
Conformity Evaluation

Marriott Armenia
Thank you!
AK Development LLC

A Boston-based investor group of American - Armenians

Marriott International INC.

International hotels chain
full operation

Staff Employees
Long standing commitment on integrity and transparency

Manages the overall performance
Evaluates and challenges Marriott’s strategic plan
Enhance long-term value for shareholders
Approve appointment of corporate officers
Review the company’s financial condition

Day to Day operations
Day to Day operations are under the control of Marketing and Selling Department
“Marriott Goes Green” trying to reduce the water, energy and waste consumption.
Energy and Environmental Action (EEAP) plans and best-practices are being used.
The staff and guests are being educated to preserve natural resources and address major environmental issues, such as water conservation
The pens, paper used in the hotel along with the room facilities are all being recycled
Participates in the “Earth Hour” program, the purpose of which is to turn off electricity for an hour.

organizing special parties and charity events for Orran children
“You Eat, We Give” program, during which 500AMD is donated from each breakfast, lunch or dinner purchased at any restaurant or lounge at Marriott. The sum raised at the end of the month is transferred to “SOS Youth” programs.
Marriott Armenia volunteers with “SOS Children’s Villages” international NGO and makes donations to villages ‘children.
Another charity program is launched with Fuller Center.
middle-ranged profitable hotel in hotel industry of Armenia
more people-oriented rather than profit-oriented.
motto “People First”
Marriott Armenia implements “Marriott Rewards” international program (the loyalty program) which nowadays has 35 million members.

HR Practices
Hr practices include
manpower planning,
recruitment and selection;
training and development,
employee retention and welfare initiatives.

Competitive Advantage
Armenia Marriott has a strong competitive advantage that is very difficult to duplicate by any other hotel:
Brand name and image
Meeting rooms
High-level service

Looking Forward
The main challenge that Marriott Armenia is facing today is political issue – both internal and external

How can he respond to these problems?

What should be done to ensure the further development of Marriott Armenia?

“If you take care of your associates, they will take care of the customer, and the customer will keep coming back..."
Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Armenia

Golden Palace Yerevan

HYATT Armenia

Each department of Marriott makes its plan of expansion for the next few years deciding on the quantity of labor needed
All employees have to pass «X» hours of trainings during a year. The type of trainings and the hours are depending on the position of employee.
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