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Internal Branding

Megan O'Malley Angelina Azhigulova Claudia del Busto

Megan O'Malley

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Internal Branding

Internal Branding
the set of strategic processes that
align and empower
employees to deliver the appropriate
customer experience in a consistent fashion. TMSN Presentation
Angelina Azhigulova, Megan O'Malley, Claudia del Busto
What is Internal Branding? Why is Internal
Branding important? Employee brand advocacy is a competitive advantage
New Tools:
Employee blogs
Instant messaging
Desktop Pops for Critical Info
McDonald's Internal Branding Internal Portal “Station M"
to connect with employees and create brand ambassadors offers interactive tools, including a blog with 15 crew writers, games and the ability to post photographs
70% of employees who use “Station M” said it makes them feel like they matter to the company Best Practice
Case Studies End Goal:
“ensuring that the folks who ride their elevators every day know what the organization and the brand stand for and why” Corporate Challenge:
high customer dissatisfaction
no internal rewards system
Solution: improve customer satisfaction by
delivering a superior customer experience thereby increasing customer loyalty and retention
Campaign results:
customer satisfaction improvement rate improved 20% worldwide
Customer experience rallies have attracted more than 2,500 employees in the US and more than 4,000 employees in the EMEA region.
Employee engagement is not marketing, and employees are not customers.
Customers and employees are distinct audiences, each with specific levels of understanding, specific beliefs, specific information needs and specific motivations.
Challenges marketing, human resources, brand management, operations, strategy, front line management all may vary in reward approaches
breaking down organizational silos 1. Customer Marketing techniques do NOT work for internal branding 2. Inability to cross the boundaries between divisions 3. Lack of alignment between employees’ values and company values CMA survey: Only 7% of respondents believe their brand values provide guidance as to how to treat other employees Only 28% of those involved in internal branding actually measure the effectiveness of their efforts 4. Measuring results of an internal campaign 5. Assigning responsibility The general belief is that marketing and executive teams are responsibile for leading internal marketing.
Dell's Internal Branding Intel's Internal Branding One of the most important parts of internal branding is the alignment to the external brand.

Sometimes the internal and external brands are so aligned that they are one in the same

Intel’s "Intel Star" campaign serves as both their external and employer(internal) brand. The ad shows that it is Intel’s people who bring innovation to us all, while telling employees that at Intel they have the opportunity to create that innovation.
Creates rational and emotional connection
Builds trust inside the organization
Engaged Employees create Loyal Customers who in turn create Bigger Profits IBM's Internal Branding 20,000 employees engaging in meetings via Avatars in virtual worlds
50 islands owned by IBM
Employees at all levels, even to the executive level, join in the virtual meetings
So far in 2010, IBM has held more than 300 meetings Conclusion Internal Branding is a necessary part of every business
How a company brands itself internally is every bit as important as branding externally
Employees must be engaged "brand ambassadors" to make every customer touch point favorable
Internal branding is crucial for the IMC process
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