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Marketing Presentation ( Caribbean Sugarstick)

No description

nikiesha oxley

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation ( Caribbean Sugarstick)

How can you
get your tastebuds on
these delicious products? Conclusion Production Distribution Say no more...... The Product Caribbean Topic: Caribbean SugarStick Caribbean Sugarstick was originally started in Barbados under the original name Sugarstick Bake Shoppe, by Zingha Boyce. She came up with the idea to have a small cake sale to help raise money to purchase books for college. What was a small cake sale with in the community, eventually grew into a florishing business. How we got started Sugarstick Resources Name: Nikiesha Oxley- Clauzel Purpose: To persuade my fellow classmates to purchase delights from Caribbean Sugarstick Something about myself I am a proud Barbadian...."BAJAN" Research and
Design Sales Types of Pastries A taste of my culture 1. Fish Cakes 2. Jam puffs
3. Sweet Bread
4. Turn overs Other Delights..... For further information you can visit Zingha's page on Facebook www.facebook.com/SugarstickBakeShoppe
Contact info: Zingha Boyce 347-790-4211
Special Occations
Events.eg.( Birthday parties, Baby showers, Weddings...ect) USES: Here are some of the delights that Zingha started her business with. These are also well known pastries with in the Caribbean culture. In conclusion, Caribbean Sugarstick have a wide variety of different pastries and a taste of a different culture, that can be served at any event. They are tasty and very affordable on any budget. Did you know that the word "stressed" spelt backwards is "Desserts"?
So just relax, have a treat and make sure its something SWEET......From Caribbean Sugarstick.
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