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muffins bompi


aurora aguilar

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of muffins bompi

bompa-bampa just eat me, just taste me Janeth Venzor Carbajal 1133735
Areli Chávez Silva 1133800
Aurora Aguilar B 1134596
Daniela Fernández
Ernesto González 1133958
Entrepreneurial spirit
Salvador Martínez
what makes our company different from the others?
Company Introdoction Marketing Mix Mission:
Vision: Product: Muffins
Price: Penetration Pricing ($8.00)
Place: distribution Channel: agents
Promotion: Personal Selling

easy ! because the last semester our team got experience, we made and sold muffins during the whole semester and now we have the knowledge to know what the people like and dislike.
We got familiarized with the customers so now we know how to prepare the product to get that flavour. Our vision is on how we could manage the products and the promotions needed to sell more muffins, including the price, the distribution of the product and if the product is selling as planed. Finally we have to know if the marketing that we are using is operating correctly, to learn to be a good entrepreneurship. 3/4 tsp.salt : 11$
3/4 c. milk : 40 $
1 beaten eggs: 16$
1/2 c. flour : 16$
1/3 c. cooking oil : 27$
1/3 c. 2 1/2 tsp. baking powders: 11$
1 c. whole-wheat flours: 18$
1 c. all-purpose flour : 16$
100g butter: 42$
Total income:800
Total expenses:208$
Net Profit Loss:592$
Our mission is to sell as much as muffins as we can, to recuperate the money that we are investing applying the knowledge that we have learned in class.
Financial Statement
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