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Solid material made up of minerals.

Abby Uy

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Rocks:

Rocks! -Are solid material made up of minerals Igneous Rocks- Sedimentary Rocks- Metamorphic Rocks- form at earth's surface when harden sediments Chemical- Clastic- Organic- form when rocks, minerals, and organic materials are cemented together which vary in size form when water, rich in dissolved minerals evaporates leaving behind minerals form from the remains of plants and animals Limestone: from shells Coal:
from dead plants Gypsum Limestone Rock Salt Conglomerate Sandstone Shale CEMENTATION:
The binding of sediments form when hot melted rock cools and hardens rock that is melted is called molten rock Molten rock is called: Magma GABBRO
is formed from magma Turns into lava when it has reached the earth's surface BASALT
forms when lava cools and hardens GRANITE
is formed from magma also New rocks that form from chemicals, heat, and pressure and undergo metamorphism Non-banded Banded METAMORPHISM Contact:
magma and lava bakes the rock and makes the rock change only through temperature Burial:
rock changes when rock and sediments weigh down on the rock, smallest amount of change happens Regional:
changes occur when buried rock has gone through high heat and pressure Types: bY aBbY uY Hope you enjoyed this educational prezi!

-Abby :-)
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