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Open House

Parent Information Meeting

Jennifer Bernhard

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Open House

Welcome to Mrs. Bernhard's
Open House
All About Me
Classroom Environment
Grading Scale:
A 93 - 100
B 85 - 92
C 77 - 84
D 70 - 76
F 0 - 69
Growing Up
Teaching Experience
Behavior-expectations, rewards, consequences
Binder=Classwork, Homework, Communication
Projects-PBL= at least one per quarter, BOB, Math 24
Report Cards-Conferences, Parent Portal, Grading
Field Trips-Jamestown, Civil War Encampment
Language Arts: (EOG Test)
I will be making students better readers and writers by strengthening their vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and word skills by using various forms of literature and informational texts.
Math: (EOG Test)
Place Value (Whole # and Decimals)
Fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing)
Geometry (Measurement using Standard and Metric Systems, 2-D figures, Volume)
Algebra (Coordinate Grids, Line Plots, Patterns, Algebraic Expressions and Equations)
Science: (EOG Test)
Matter and Energy, Earth Systems and Weather, Forces and Motion, Major Systems of the Body, Cells and Genetics, Ecosystems (including plants and animals)
Social Studies:
We will be following a timeline:
Native Americans, Explorers, Colonial Times, The American Revolution, Foundations of the U.S. Government, Westward Expansion, The Civil War and Reconstruction, Financial Responsibility
Parent Information
*Bus Routes-same as last year!
*Meal Costs:
*Absentee Notes
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