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Soul Train

No description

Jaime Durso

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Soul Train

A Journey Through Harlem
Soul Train
- 253 West 125th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard & Frederick Douglass Boulevard
- “Where stars are born and legends are made”
- Originally built as Hurtig & Seamon’s New Burlesque Theater (White’s only venue)
- "Amateur Night in Harlem"
-Ella Fitzgerald, Thelma Carpenter, Jimi Hendrix

The Apollo Theater, Harlem NY
Early 1960's, The Supremes performing at The Apollo Theater
- 596 Lenox Avenue, between 140th and 141st streets in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC
- "The Heartbeat of Harlem"
- "World's Finest Ballroom"
- In operation from March 12, 1926 to July 10, 1958
- Savoy allowed the black community of Harlem to connect with the rising popularity of swing
- No Discrimination policy
Savoy Dance Hall
- New York City night club located first in the Harlem neighborhood and then in the midtown Theater District
- Founded in 1920
- Club was a white's only establishment
-Featured many of the best black entertainers and jazz musicians of the era
-Reproduced the racist imagery of the time
- Club was temporarily closed in 1938 after the race riot in Harlem the previous year

The Original Cotton Club
Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant
Other Famous Black Dance Halls
"Harlem hotspots"
- Lafayette Theater
• 132 Street and 2nd Avenue, Harlem NYC
• First New York Theater to desegregate as early as 1912

- James Van Der Zee studio
Plaque Commemorating Location of Historic Savoy Dance Hall
Duke Ellington- The History of the Cotton Club
The History And Importance Of The Apollo Theater
Apollo Amateur Night
- 328 Lenox Avenue (between 126th Street and 127th Street in Harlem, NYC
- Founded by Sylvia Woods (“Queen of Soulfood” & beautician)
- Purchased by Woods with borrowed money from her mother, who had to mortgage her farm to provide it
- Sylvia is featured on many TV shows across the world










- “I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful)” by Harry Sullican & Harry Ruskin
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