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light assignment

No description

Jasmeen G

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of light assignment

Lemon battery
One thing that is common people use
for a battery is a potato, But is there any other fruit or vegetable that can be used for a battery?

called Frequently-Asked Questions about food batteries by Dan Berger chemistry professor at Bluffton University visited by February 4th 2013

called Lemon Battery all projects of there’s are made at the Hila Research Center Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Visited by Feb 4th 2013

called Lemon Power maintained by 2006 California Energy Commission. Visited by Feb 4th 2013

http://prezi.com/doq0qypjdhhz/lemon-sour-power/called Lemon Sour Power.
By Megan Herrington. Visited by Feb 6th 2013. (as a guide )

called How can I make a battery out of a lemon? By Fred Senese Visited Feb 6th 2013

called Lemon Battery By Celia DiMicoli and Teresa Kras. Visited By Feb 7th 2013


There are two cords the negative cord and the positive cord. The negative cord is attached to the negative terminal and the positive cord is attached to the positive terminal.
The other ends of the cords connect to the light bulb
A Lemon
Any other fruit or vegetable which has citric acid can be used to make a battery.
A lemon is preferred because its high
level of acid.
There are two metallic electrodes that are used.Two different types of metals are
used like a copper penny and a zinc
coated nail.
Can a light bulb be powered by a fruit or
vegetable and if its possible how?
By: Jasmeen and
If so can it power a light bulb and if it is
possible how?
Every battery has a positive and negative terminal. The positive terminal would be the zinc coated nail and the positive terminal would be the copper penny.
r';gt'rijwfeskdlmnbhpijgkn4e9ie7z784hpoulihnhjkmlzkjpnaaqa\lqkasxzb njw2q93u485t7y8905/*/*8526

called Lemon Battery maintained by Olesik, WOW Project, Ohio State University, 2001. Visited 6th 2013
Inside the lemon a chemical reaction is happening because of the penny and nail interacting with the lemons citric acid. There are two reactions which are working together. One reaction is called a Half reaction.
Here are the formulas of the
reactions which happens in the

The zinc: Zn=>Zn++ 2e-
The copper: 2H=>2e-=>H2
The zinc nail does not attract the citric acid. It collects the citric acid electrolytes and it pulls them through the lemon. The copper penny attracts the citric acid eletrolytes and pushes them into the cooper wire.
How does it Work?
The citric acid electrolytes goes through the wire and powers the light bulb and the energy flows through the negative cord and the process starts again.
Lemons can power a light bulb with its citric acid with the help of a copper penny and zinc coated nail.
The nail conductor is called anode and the penny conductor is called cathode.
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