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The Universe

The universe is big.

And Reinking

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of The Universe

The Universe Stars
Stars are huge glowing balls of hydorgen gas that is lit up by nucler reactions in it's core. Stars are born in nebulas or gaint gas clouds. The top of the smaliest finger of the nubulas's pillar connect's heydrogen and turns into stars. When a stsr has shined for millions or billions of years it begins to die. Galixies Galixies are gaigantic masses of stars held together by gravity. There are more than 100 billion galixies in the univers. Galixies contain trillions of stars, some gas clouds and dust with black matter are all held together by gravity. There are four different types of galixies, sprail, baerred spail, ellipitcal, and irregular. Galixes are develop or shaped by gass clouds formed early in the universe Black Holes Black holes are cused by stars dieing. A supernova is a bigger star that helps hold the dieing star while the black hole is forming. A black sucks every thing within the millionith of a mile. nothing can ecscpe a black hole not even light can ecscpe. A black hole can only be detated by the matter around it.
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