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body language

this presentation will give some general information about china

salem albraiki

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of body language

Presenter visual How to deliver the ideal Presentation Dress Effectively

Step Up to Speak with Confidence and Authority

Get Set before Speaking

Begin without Looking at Your Notes

Establish and Maintain Eye Contact

Stand and Move Effectively

Do not Pack Up Early

Pause, then Move Out Confidently Done by: Salem Al Braiki
Hamad Al Neyadi
Mohamed Al Jabri
Mutar Al Muhairi
Abdulla Al Shehhi
Hamdan Al Mansouri Video Verbal use oral speaking style Keep most sentences short Use personal pronouns freely visual verbal vocal Use contractions often Address your listeners by name Do not Emphasize Mistakes Use Proper Vocabulary, Enunciation, and Pronunciation Use the active voice Use Pauses Effectively Vary Your Speech Avoid Disfluencies Speak Loudly Enough to Be Heard Speak with Enthusiasm and Sincerity vocal "eh, umm, so , ect.." BUS 452 "Actions speak louder than words." "Body language tells no lies." Information Presentation Team members Presenter review together Practice get things clear laptops and their battery time management Preparing Design Sentences and
language Color Spell Checks Visual Aids Grammar Pictures and videos PowerPoint or
Prezi Team members Eye Contact Positioning Place Taking Attention away General tips Eye contact taking over one side of the room or talking
to one person only Holding papers Posture and position Distractions Walking Learning
objectives Be prepared for the presentation
with your group Make the presentation simple,
interesting and clear Prepare yourself to present in the best
way and to deliver messages clearly to
your audience. "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.'' Peter F. Drucker
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