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Scuba Diving

We give a presentation of scuba diving

Jim Silver

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of Scuba Diving

The history of Scuba Diving
It is unknown who invented scuba diving. In the Greek time (400 years before the birth of Jesus Christ) there were already people who trained to stay underwater as long as possible. This was really helpful in battles in the ocean. They didn't have the gear like we have now, but sometimes they used hollow straws, mostly made out of bamboo. They would carefully ascend from the side of their ship that couldn't be seen by the other ships, so their enemies wouldn't see them directly. Then they would dive from under their ship to enter the enemies ships.
Scuba Diving
Made by: Job Robbemond, Tim Koelewijn, Mark Kortus and Anton De Vries
SCUBA Diving stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. What that means is that it's a device that makes you able to be underwater without having to get to the surface to breath. A SCUBA device normally exists out of at least one oxygen tank and a mouthpiece to breath the oxygen out of the tank.
Different types of

Different types of diving means different kinds of equipment.
Of course they all need an oxygen-tank and primary equipment, but because of the details it varies from sort to sort.
What does SCUBA mean?
You don't have to use a diving suit every time you go underwater, you can do just fine without. But it is actually helpful.
You can put fins on your feet to make you swim faster.
A diving mask is used to make everything look brighter underwater so you can see where you swim.
The History of Scuba Diving
Alexander the Great, the king of the Persians, also dived. He always used a diving bell for diving. That is a kind of barrel, but it's turned upside down. There's air and water inside, and there are also holes in the barrel with glass inside.
In the beginning of World War II (1943), Jacques Cousteau used 2 bottles of air and a hose for breathing. He made it to the French Navy. This system is still being used.
-What does scuba mean?
-Diving equipment
-Different types of diving
-History of diving
This is the end of the presentation
Are there any questions?
Short video about diving
Its about 3 minutes long
Dive booties are protecting you from sharp rocks.
-Deep diving

-Cave diving
-Wreck diving
- Ice diving
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