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Sophomore/Year2Malibu Training Presentation

Details about the "Sophomore Slump" and institutional ways to address the issues

Brandon Farmer

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Sophomore/Year2Malibu Training Presentation

Fact or Fiction? The Sophomore Slump Sophomores: From Slump to Success
Laurie A. Schreiner, PhD.
Azusa Pacific University The Sophomore Experience Survey
Over 13,000 Sophomore students 18.3% Say Sophomore Year
Is Worse Than Freshman Year 19.7% Say Courses Are Worse/Much Worse 18.4% Getting Below A "B"
Average 11.1% Still Unsure of
Major Dissatisfied with….
My grades
My living situation
My health
My interactions with faculty
My peer relationships
The whole college experience
The amount I’m learning
10.2% Around 1 in 4 Experiencing a "Slump" Sticky Faith
Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Cameron Lee
Fuller Youth Institute Longitudinal Study of College
Students and Faith 40%-50% of teens who were Christians
before college walk away from their faith 80% Planned
On Sticking With
Their Faith Highest percentage of students began
to walk away from faith during their
sophomore year What Are We Doing? Pepperdine's Sophomore Experience Learning Outcomes Belonging
Faith, Meaning, Purpose
Academic Integration Programs LA Bucket List Catalina Island Old School Lock-In Sophomore Formal Sophomores are more likely to succeed when they:
•Experience a sense of community
•Learn to navigate the demands of the second year
•Begin to find a sense of purpose for their lives and connect it to their educational goals
•Learn to apply their strengths to academic tasks
•Engage in their own learning process What is your budget? 37.7% of students responding to the survey had participated in at least one sophomore event or program last year—and these reported significantly higher sense of community, thriving, and satisfaction with the sophomore year RD, ARD, PC, RA, SLA (House Leadership Team) & Farmer's Roll LA Bucket List Movie in the Park Night August 30th September 29th October 27th Project Lead &
Project eX
(All 6 Houses!) January 2013 LA Bucket List
"The Amazing Race Day" February 2013 Sophomore House Community
Events Monthly events held in the residence areas: "First Fridays" for all 6 Houses (book end Fridays all houses plan), Weekly House Dinners in Faculty Dining Room
Club Convos
Any other programs that House Leadership Teams want to implement? The budget is $1,000 for Hall prep (Honors/Confidere split)... and $5,000 for programming for the entire year. This doesn't include the money we will get from the Task Force but we don't know what that will look like yet.... Questions? February 25th April 2013
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