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welcome to prezi

here's a way to create and have fun of making a like your own website

Roosevelt Jointer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of welcome to prezi

Welcome to prezi.com a warning way of websites will you like to learn about step 1 first go to prezi.com step 2 now sign up step 3 now you need a email address as a username and a password like super 1243 step 4 good now you have account now please listen carefully you will be on a page it have a sign says create prezi step 5 now if you like a title make a title if you like a note of it do step 6 now choose a page a for chose clean paper but there's more now stroll down and click create then you have a prezi do any like this is how to train your dog and other things enjoy the last step if you have a labtop and can take pics on it like my labtop at home you can do this
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