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question 5.


kedie davies

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of question 5.

Immigrant Emigrant Native Nativists Know-Nothing-Party Explain the difference between an immigrant,emigrant,and native. What are nativists?What was the Know-Nothing-Party? is some one who comes to a country with the intention of living there permanently is someone who leaves their country to move to another country is someone who was born and lives in the same country.the quality to or being connected with a certain place or region by virtue of birth origan. Some nativists proposed that immigrants wait 21 years to qualify for citizenship. To get what they wanted,nativists formed a new political party. Critics called it the KNOW-NOTHING-Party- because members always responded "I know nothing" when asked about the organizations secret activities. Nativists are people who distrust immigrants. They didn't like the idea of immigrants living in their country. Nativists wanted to keep immigrants out of some public places. Famous immigrants Ku Klux Klan Albert Einstein-Germany
Sammy Sosa-Dominican Rep.
Yao Ming-China
Arnold Schwartzenegger-Austria Nativist groups today "Prezi" Social Studies Kedie Davies, Mikaela Holdridge, Denton Saladini, Kaylece Licari Immigrant Nativist Native Know-Nothing-Party A Nativist is someone
who distrusts immigrants.
They do not like the
idea of foreign people
and their ways moving into
their home. Someone connected
to a place by birth.
Example: "I am a native
of Wisconsin" A group of Nativists
who tried to put certain
rules against immigrants.
When asked about what they
were doing, they would
always relpy, "I know nothing" Countries they came from
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