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Biotic vs. Abiotic

Exploring the differences and roles of biotic and abiotic components in ecosystems

Chloe Johnson

on 12 June 2012

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Transcript of Biotic vs. Abiotic

Biotic and Abiotic How they work together Abiotic Biotic Or the difference between living, dead, and non-living things So...? Biotic things are things that are, or once were living, and abiotic things are things that never were living. An abiotic component is physical rather than biological. It is not derived from a living or dead organism, rather, it is nonliving. Rocks and soil are examples of ecological abiotic components. A biotic component, on the other hand, is either living or dead. It is of, relating to, or resulting from living things. Birds and dead leaves are examples are biotic components Biotic and abiotic factors combine to create a system, or more precisely, an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of living and nonliving things considered to be a unit. The Impact of Change If a single factor is changed, perhaps by pollution or natural phenomenon, the whole system could be altered. For example, humans can alter environments through farming or irrigating. While we usually cannot see what we are doing to various ecosytems, the impact is being felt all over. For example, acid rain in certain regions has resulted in the decline of fish population. Things We Eat Our diets are filled exclusively with biotic and abiotic foods - because everything is biotic or abiotic! Roast chicken, a salad, mixed nuts, a muffin and an apple would be biotic foods. Vitamins, salt, water, iron, and artificial sweeteners would be abiotic portions of our diets
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