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Untitled Prezi

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Afshan Haider

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Shiftress Shiftress' alter ego name is Naomi Chalice. She is 26 years old and resides in a planet named Neutronia, but she came to Earth to help all the attacks that are happening recently. The League of Super Villains are planning on taking over Earth, so Shiftress has come to help and stop them. When she was born, her parents never liked her much because she wasn't like other children. She was given powers right when she was born. Her parents wanted a normal child, not a special one, so they left her on the porch of a house on Earth, so she will won't be able to find them when she grows up. There was a young couple living in that house that she was left at. They took her and raised her like she was their own daughter. Now, she lives on her home planet and she doesn't know her biological parents either. But, she does stay on Earth sometimes to visit her family. She has one younger brother, but he's human and he is their biological son. No one other than her family know about her past, so, no one really knows she wasn't born human. She didn't know she could read the future or be invisible until she was a teenager. Shiftress will definitely make this team better and more successful in all tasks. I know this because her powers can be very useful. She can tell what her enemy could be planning ahead of time so she can be proactive and make a plan with her team. She can be invisible and miss an attack that her enemy will be throwing at her. She can go through items so she can transport to places faster. Her moral code is strong as well so she will follow it whenever she might be put in a difficult task where she might think of giving up. She has positive qualities for instance being proactive and very caring. She will always and only fight for justice, more because of her past. She is able to work by herself or with a team but, she's more comfortable with a team to support her. Explanation Main Info and Origin Shiftress Moral Code Her moral code is that she was left and treated really badly when she was very young by her biological parents but, she soon got the love that she deserved after her harsh past. She really can't stand if a child is being hurt because she has experienced being left and hurt at a young age. Naomi was a quiet girl, so she got picked on at school because she was claimed the quiet and 'different'. She helps anyone that she sees, that is in need of help. Powers Naomi can shape-shift, tell the future, and walk through objects/invisibility. Shape-shifting can give her the power of the animal/item she has transformed into.When she shape-shifts, her claws aren't on her anymore, they only appear when she is a just in her suit but, not transformed. Invisibility can help her escape any attack that is directed towards her. If she wants to make an object or another person invisible she has to be able touch that item. Telling the future will help her know her enemies plan so, she can make her own plan as well. Her Superhero Outfit When Naomi isn't living her normal, everyday life, she is saving lives or doing missions. She wears a a dark purple mini skirt with a purple top with one arm without a sleeve. She is a natural red-head and she has these maroon boots with these straps around her thighs in maroon as well. She only has her tail when she is in this outfit. She wears a mask around her eyes, so her enemy can't see her facial appearance. She wears a cream-kind of colored belt that matches her claws and her necklace. Her necklace is decorated with teeth around front. Her biological parents had put it on her when they left her on Earth. Her claws only appear when she is in her outfit but, not when she has shape-shifted. She also has these ears that also only appear when she is suited. BY:Afshan Thank you for listening:)
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