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What is the Workshop Model of Instruction?

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Jen Necci

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of What is the Workshop Model of Instruction?

The Mini-Lesson
7-10 minutes of explicit instruction on a strategy, skill, concept or process Connection- "Yesterday we learned"
Teach/Model/Demonstrate- "I do it"
Active Involvement/Guided Practice- "We do it" or "You do it" Teacher as Facilitator- Building a Community of Self-Learners Creating a "No Opt Out" Environment
Setting Routines
Student Co-Constructed Anchor Charts Posted
Switching from "You" to "We"- changes the tone and suggests that "We are learning TOGETHER" Establishes an Environment/Community in which Students Are Workers to Become Expert Learners (SAWBEL) Independent/Guided Authentic Practice- "You do it alone or You do it together (in pairs, in a small group)"- 30 minutes Conferring- research, decide, compliment, teach
Using data to form small groups and instruct further based on student needs Mid-Workshop Interruption Remind students of the teaching point and: compliment, extend learning, highlight student work as exemplar work Link/Closure/Share 2-3 students get to share what they read, wrote or worked on, linked to the day's lesson
Teacher reviews and clarifies key points
Homework/Assessment should be based on the teaching point Applications Across Disciplines What is the Workshop Model of Instruction? The Workshop Model is Embedded in WLPS- "Visible Learning Framework" Enduring Understandings:
By using workshop model with fidelity, teachers can guarantee higher levels of engagement.
By teaching workshop with fidelity, students will be required to construct their own understanding.
Creating a mini-lesson with fidelity ensures that the teacher transfers the responsibility of learning to the students.
Using the strategy of modeling/live demonstration effectively is a critical component for helping students to learn.
Understanding how to effectively use turn and talk throughout all lessons gives students multiple opportunities to deepen and extend their learning.
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