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Nuclear Energy in the World

No description

Minami Ueda

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy in the World

Pollution Small amount of fuels Nuclear Energy in the World Minami Ueda Positives Eco-friendly Does not producce Greenhouse Gases CO 2 , Methane, Ozone, etc... 28gm of Uranium = 100 metric tonnes of coal Compact Japan 23.8% Korea 33.8% France 76.4% Lithuania 71.1% Slovakia 57.6% USA 19.1% Which country uses the MOST to generate electricity? High Efficiency Radioactive Waste Negatives Expensive $ 10 billion More than
Hundred Thousand Years Biggest Nuclear Power Plant Kashiwazaki–Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant to build a new Nuclear Power Plant (Japan) (Russia) Accidents Chernobyl Disaster Three Mile
Island accident Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear disaster How it works 1951 4.2km 2 Thank you for listening.
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