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The Boston Tea Party

No description

Mike Stebbins

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party By Mike Stebbins Why Fight Over Tea? Townshend Acts of 1767
The act taxed glass, lead, oil, paint, paper, and of course TEA
Boycotts and protests eventually led to the repeal of the Townshend Act in 1770 on everything except TEA
Parliament wanted to show who's the boss
"No taxation without representation" Tea Act passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773
Tea Act did not impose a new tax on tea
Intended to help the East India Company
Colonists believed Tea Act was a tactic
Tea Act was the final straw East India Company
Accumulated 17 million pounds of surplus tea
Had tea monopoly in colonies after Tea Act
Could sell tea for less than smuggled Dutch tea
Drive small colonial shopkeepers out of business The Ships Arrive
The Dartmouth arrives in Boston Harbor on November 28, 1773
It was the first of 3 ships to arrive with tea from the East India Company
Had a 20 day deadline to pay tax and unload the tea The Sons of Liberty
Started in Boston in 1765 to protest English rule
Originally the group consisted of shop keepers and artisans called The Loyal Nine
Used scare tactics, and intimidation including tar and feathering Facts about the FOUR ships
Dartmouth: carried 114 chests of tea. The Dartmouth was originally made in Bedford Village, MA for offshore whaling
Eleanor: Arrived on Thursday, December 2nd, carried 114 chest of tea
Beaver docked on Wednesday, December 15, carried 112 chests of tea. The ship was quarantined in the outer harbor for almost two weeks because of smallpox
A fourth ship, the William, was damaged in a storm and ended up on Cape Cod. 300 street lamps were salvaged as well as 58 chests of tea. "The Body Of The People" Continued
There were several meetings over the 20 day deadline
The tea consignees offered to store the tea
The people demanded Francis Rotch order his ship (Dartmouth) to return to England without paying the duty
Governor Hutchinson refused to let the ship return to England he declared, "...disperse and surcease all further unlawful proceedings at your utmost peril." "The Body Of The People"
On November 29, 1773 thousands gathered at old Faneuil Hall but was moved to the Old South Meeting House
Was not an official town meeting
Samuel Adams recommended the tea be sent back to England with no duty paid and the people agreed
The Dartmouth would now be guarded to ensure the tea would not be unloaded The Final Meeting
Started at 10 o'clock in the morning on December 16, 1773
Over 5,000 people gathered
Patriots wanted a legal way to refuse tea so once again they asked Rotch to plea to Gov. Hutchinson to let him return the ship to England
Once again the Governor refused
Sameul Adams stated, " This meeting can do nothing more to save the country!"
A loud war whoop was heard and the meeting was over "Let Every Man Do What Is Right In His Own Eyes"
As the meeting adjourned war whoops were heard
Members of The Sons of Liberty, some disguised as Mohawk Indians, began to march towards Griffin's Wharf
The crowd followed discreetly and in silence "Boston Harbor a Tea-pot Tonight"
Members of the Corps of Cadets stood guard and some joined with the Mohawks on the ships
Hancock warned Adams not to repeat the violence and destruction of the Boston Massacre
The ship's crews were escorted off to safety
They worked carefully yet swiftly to open each chest with a hatchet and dump it into the water without damaging any part of the ship
342 chests were dumped in Boston Harbor in less than 3 hours, worth about 1 million today The Aftermath
King George III gets the news in late January 1774
The Boston Port Bill is passed by Parliament, the first of five Coercive (Intolerable) Acts
British Government wanted to make an example of Boston
Governor Hutchinson is replaced by General Thomas Gage Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)
The Boston Port Act
The Massachusetts Government Act
he Administration of Justice Act
The Quartering Act
The Quebec Act The End Imported since 1720's
Tea was a "social beverage" mostly consumed by women
Tea was originally used as an elixir or cure-all Works Cited
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