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The flight of icarus

Retold by Sally Benson

Nathan Salazar

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of The flight of icarus

Template by missing link/Nathan Salazar
Images from Shutterstock.com/Nathan Salazar.com The Flight of Icarus Retold by Sally Benson Charaters king Minos When Theseus escaped from the labyrinth king Minos got mad and threw him in a tall tower King Minos escapes the tower with the help of his young son. Only to find himself a prisoner on the island. King Minos would keep strict watch over the seas and no ships were allowed to to sail without being searched. can you read me If you can you get a golden star :) One day Daedalus thought king Minos may control the sea but he does not control the air.So he told his son to gather as much feathers as he can so they could build wings. Finally the day had come to fly away but before they flew Daedalus told Icarus some instructions keep at a moderate height if you fly to low to fog will clog your wings and if you fly to high the heat will melt your wings so then they soared away. When they were in the flight Icarus began beating his wings and he felt the joy of the breeze and the excitement that he kept going higher and higher up into the sky. Icarus flew so high that the sun was beating on Icarus's wings that the wings that Icarus that Icarus was wearing started to melt and he was staring to fall down. Daedalus yelled for Icarus to come down. ICARUS PLEASE COME DOWN NOW! King Minos-tyrant of
Crete, enemy of Athens
Theseus- hero from Athens
had captured by Minos
Daedalus- great Athena
Icarus-Daedalus young
son. Then all of the sudden Icarus plummeted through the sky and landed in the water. Daedalus moaned and was sad so to remember his son he named the seas Icarus Story beginning Hey rate this prezi a 5 stars and good for looking at this i thought nobody will be able to find this but i was wrong, good job! a bracket
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